Citizens for Liberty have moved so far to the right, they’re on the left

From my e-mail box comes the agenda for tomorrow’s Citizens for Liberty meeting. Which seems to prove that some people are so far to the right, they’re on the left.

I don’t know any Republican groups that are hosting Democrat Jamie Smith for Governor or the Libertarian for Congress.

And considering the source, that would remain the case.

(Does this mean they’ve failed their own conservative scorecard?)

28 thoughts on “Citizens for Liberty have moved so far to the right, they’re on the left”

  1. I’d like to hear the CFL’ers defend supporting a Democrat for Governor whilst they condemn the conservatives they consider RINO’s.

  2. It is childish to exclude others from their opportunity to speak.

    It is the conservative position to hear both sides before making a decision.

    If the Democrat is more conservative than the Republican (you must concede this is possible), so be it.

    Otherwise, he’ll be exposed, and that’s even better.

    This is not your Boomer’s Republican party.

    We’re not just following the money?

  3. They should be sure to ask Jamie Smith about his strong support of Medicaid expansion.

    If you ever needed proof that some people are motivated by contrarianism, not any coherent belief system, this is it.

  4. Yes, the Citizens for Liberty is so far Right, they met the extreme Left. Notice how both extremes want every thing for free, think someone else should pay, and most are on some government assistance, but don’t think they have to pay. Both extremes think they know everything and attack if you don’t agree with them. There is no dialogue with either.

  5. Oh no, no, no, Mr. Dale. CFL routinely preaches that anything you want to know about candidates is revealed in their scorecard. They wave it around in your face at every opportunity. But alas, they don’t believe their own myopic view. If they did, they would see that Mr. Smith scores abysmally on their own scorecard.
    So it is, Mr. Dale.

  6. Let’s not forget Jamie Smith wants to turn South Dakota into another Colorado. Jamie stands for legalizing Marijuana. Great values CFL.

      1. Exactly. Rec marijuana on the ballot might bring a lot of people to the polls and they won’t be voting for Kristi.

  7. grudznick would burst into flames, no doubt, if I set foot in that church of the overgodders, else I’d visit and heckle from the pews until their bouncers tossed me.

  8. Jamie would be considered a Republican in most states. It’s only in far right states does he appear left. And yes, his support of Marijuana and wanting to stay and work in the state is the reason why this Republican will be voting for him. I know a lot of others who will be as well. Add to that the closet women voters who will want to salvage their bodily autonomy and privacy and you might see this race being closer than her last one against Sutton. She hasn’t made any more friends since being elected and her continual campaigning on our dime is going to cost her. Not to mention, her nepotism and hiring of family members and abuse of power. She is everything that makes up a bad politician. She serves herself first.

  9. Jamie Smith is a Democrat. He would never be considered anything else. He scored a 23.8 on the CFL’s scorecard. The hypocrisy of this group of individuals is off the charts. The CFL are obstructionists. They vote against anything the real Republicans want. They are the real RINO’s.
    A group of Freedom Caucus members just went to Arizona and their picture is on Tony Randolf’s District fb page. Take note South Dakota.

  10. “Jamie would be considered a Republican in most states.” Really? A Republican that supports abortion on demand (pronounced murder), an income tax, strict gun laws, government healthcare for all, fiscal irresponsibility, and on and on?

    Guess I don’t know of any of those.

    1. You don’t know any of god’s teachings either so maybe that is why you promote so much hate. I’m not sure if you know anything.

      1. yes…let’s throw God in the middle of it. Where did Ed mention that?

        Knock it off with the pettiness…it makes your intelligence appear low.

    2. Look at Kansas, the posterchild of the Republican experiment and they just saved abortion rights by a huge margin. There is a reason why Noem didn’t hold the special session because it may have been the nail in the coffin for her re-election. She better be scared of Republican woman because I would bet most will lean towards Jamie Smith. I have a close family friend who is very religious who needed to have 2 abortions after the fetus died and didn’t self abort. She risked infection and destroying her uterus if she would have not done it. There is no shame in that and you can bet many will support the choice of abortion even if they never intend to do it themselves.

    1. For Anonymous @ 8:21 — Yep, Jamie Smith sure looks like a Republican to me…..I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  11. As in most organizations, I’m assuming there is your major group of ‘go along to get along’ members and then there are those who may go to an extreme one way or another. In the CFL organization most of the members are conservatives. I don’t know everyone’s actual party affiliation because 1. there is no political party ‘box’ to check off on the membership application and 2. being a Republican is not a a requirement to attend meetings, get involved in activities or even run for office in the organization.
    I do know that there are members and attendees who have Libertarian and Independent leanings and those members don’t hide their views…AND there are former Democrats. I am one of them. but I was a ‘Kennedy Democrat’ and changed party affiliation to Independent when Clinton was first elected.
    I looked through the CFL Bylaws and nowhere is it stated that members have to be Republicans so it’s interesting that one has that impression.
    CFL is incorporated as a 501 C-4 organization for the purpose of ‘voter education’. This involves holding ‘Meet the Candidate’ sessions and Thursday night’s meeting is one of those and we may have one more featuring District 30 candidates of both parties. At these meetings, attendees are welcome to ask questions and they are not ‘cherry-picked’ like some organizations do in order to protect their friends from tough questions. During debates, candidates are not given ‘Candy Crowley’ coaching to help with their answers either!
    The annual report cards are another way to hold state legislators accountable to their constituents. As I’m written before, if one does not like the way SDCFL scores come out, then if you do want to know how conservatives or liberal your representatives are, please feel free to visit the American Conservative Union’s website and check out their voting records.
    You all should know that as an organization, CFL does not endorse specific candidates…never has and never will. However, members support whomever and whatever issues they wish to. We have members on both sides of certain issues, but in the end, our Mission Statement is what matters.
    Thank you John Dale for making our point with regards to Thursday night’s appearances by the Libertarian and Democrat candidates. The meeting will end at 8:00p and I’m sure that by 8:05p the governor’s spy will be on the phone reporting to her…as he did after a Wing Nuts meeting a couple of weeks ago!

  12. Take a look at Duprel’s website. He’s pro-choice, decriminalizing Marijuana and wants to lower the drinking age. There’s plenty more.

  13. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. I’m not talking about CFL. I agree with Dale’s original statement.

  14. I understand that the Citizens for Liberty do not endorse any candidates as an organization. They allow candidates from all parties running for office to come to speak to us. Yes, the majority of the members are Republicans, but not all, it is not a requirement.
    I am finding that many who have the R behind their names do not follow the Republican platform. Many candidates in the primary switched from Democrat to Republican just before they entered the contest as they know as a Democrat, they have little chance of winning.
    I actually doubt if Howdy Doody Johnson, John Thune, Mike Rounds, Governor Noem and many of our legislators have even read the GOP platform.

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