Congresswoman Noem’s New Year’s Message

From my mailbox comes Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s New Years’ Message to constituents:


Less than 24 hours before we close the curtain on 2014 — another great year!

This year, we celebrated many important victories and milestones together: the Farm Bill was passed, my Black Hills Cemetery Act became law, spending was rolled back to 2005 levels, and a November victory set us on an even brighter path for 2015.  I’m so touched by your friendship, your support, and all your encouragement and kind words along the way. It’s an honor to serve you in Congress, and I look forward to continuing my service in the New Year!

On behalf of my entire family, I want to thank you for making 2014 such a great year for us.

Have a safe and happy New Year!


28 thoughts on “Congresswoman Noem’s New Year’s Message”

      1. I would prefer Noem over Boehner for leadership.

        McConnell and Boehner are both people I’d like to see retire and pass the torch to a new face.

        Noem for Speaker

        Thune for Majority Leader

      2. you’d like to think i was one of the few. the only ‘few’ out there in this last election cycle seemed to be the clique who constantly expresses hate for boehner.

  1. I hope so too. Nobody can lead the House to advancing the conservative agenda in concert with the new GOP Senate agenda against Obama than Boehner.

    It is pollyannish to think anything good will come from a screamer.

    1. Wouldn’t that divide the Nelson/Howie/Hubbel crowd even further?

      Nelson and Howie love her while Hubbel is unhappy with her. How about we all get along?

  2. the year changes but the sad song remains the same. ‘boehner won’t do what we’d do,’ ‘boehner’s a rino, a demican, a coward,’ ‘boehner’s a failure.’ yet he oversaw and helped bring about a serious republican lock on the u-s house of representatives, and held on against a full-court press to starve republicans into surrender. survival sometimes looks like surrender to the fat comfortable critics sitting far away on their high perches. boehner’s a fighter, a smart one.

    1. No. The American voter gave the GOP a strong majority in the house because they are upset with Obama. The GOP was their only alternative. That’s not an endorsement of Boehner; it’s condemnation of the president coupled with distrust of the Democrats. It’s important to make that distinction.

      1. boehner was house minority leader when the gop was in the minority, and he left a clear record of his republicans in total constant opposition to the major bills that steamrolled through in the four years of reid / pelosi. his alleged crimes against conservatism are for the most part groundless crap from people who constantly failed to understand that the democrats still held the senate and white house. boehner held his ground yet you all yell because he wasn’t waging a constant offensive war that wasn’t possible for him. get real.

        1. … and you all persist in your mistaken crap because not enough people get back in your face and call you out about it. well, you’re full of crap as far as the topic of boehner is concerned and i’m just not so well mannered that i’ll simply ignore it to preserve the peace.

  3. “pollyannish?” Well, that’s definitive. The GOP insider has spoken. Let’s have no more debate or critique of Bar Room Boehner here. We would prefer a bawling, spineless bawler drunk than a “screamer” any old day. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Sadly, Troy is representative of those who hold power within the GOP. They’re primarily businessmen who understand politics as a means to influence and they care little for the common good. They imagine themselves to be quite erudite and treat the rest of us if we are too short sighted to be trusted to know what’s in our own best interests.

    1. there is such a big fat empty seat over at the libertarian party with your name on it. go see.

    1. Oh he’s “setting the field” alright.

      Ummmm……..I realize that news from Washington arrives in Soo Foo and Pierre by pony express. Thus, I guess South Dakota’s WHIGS haven’t seen this poll yet:

      — 60% of GOP voters want Boehner replaced as speaker.

      It is an all-time low level of confidence for the Republican Party, except in past cases of a member with an ethics violation. 60% is a definitive majority of disenchanted (SD Speak: “Pissed Off”) registered party members. No wonder Johnny Bar Room is scrambling to purge true Republicans from committee chairmanships. That’s a sure-fire way to “set the field.”

      I guess that leaves just a handful of ideologue RINOs like Troy Jones, Steve Scalise and Kristi Cheerleader to prop up Bar Room Boehner’s shaky and ineffective leadership. But hey– you folks can always reach out to Nancy Pelosi and Barry Hussein O. for support– they love playing you like a fiddle.

      So, how’s it feel to be an anachronism?

      1. a poll by an extremist website. was it a callout poll, robo-poll or simply a website survey? if its a website survey it’s not worth the paper its printed on

        1. continuing after reading the caddell poll – – by the numbers, the republican respondents were mostly self-identified conservative which skews the survey, certainly to the point where it doesn’t reflect the whole republican party.

          though the direct question of yes/no on boehner was 60/40 no, he was favored in all other questions referencing him, except the yes/no statement “has been effective in opposing Obama’s agenda.” obviously, in a defensive environment with the white house and senate against him, boehner WAS not effective in opposing the president’s agenda, so this statement alone isn’t nuanced enough to examine the opinion of boehner in light of the numerous other positive responses about boehner found in the poll responses.

          at best the poll response of the conservatives questioned was a resounding “maybe we should try someone else” when you look at the actual numbers.

          1. summing up – the frequent claim that the few conservatives who speak up are expressing the voice of all the others who don’t speak up, doesn’t hold water.

            1. happy new year. i resolve to shut up now. i am out of time i can spend on useless debates.

  5. Some thoughts by Andrew Klavan: “Now, okay, Boehner may not believe everything hardcore conservatives believe… or in fact, he may and may simply find it useful not to say so. But his job is not to lead the nation. His job is not to inspire the base. His job is not to stand as a beacon for our ideals. His job is to organize and mobilize an enormous collection of scorched cats (aka Republican congressmen) into a political guerilla army so that they can blow up the tracks beneath what once looked like a Progressive juggernaut — and is now beginning to look kind of like smoking wreckage. If the speaker equivocates, if he deals, if he horse trades, compromises, accepts losses where losses are inevitable and makes a virtue out of necessity where virtue itself is not available — well, yeah, it can make a true believer crazy, but it may actually get a lot of practical and important stuff done, too.”

    1. Dinner Party Hound and worse half of Anne Beal,

      Glenn Beck and PJMedia right-winger Andrew Klavan praising Boehner? Oh, the horror. 🙂

  6. And the would-be echo chamber that is SDWC attempts yet again to shout down and demonize conservatives. I find it telling that one poster claimed the fact that the disenchanted GOP voters self identified as conservative invalidated the poll.

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