Daugaard has no plans to revise minimum wage law. But there could be legislation introduced.

Governor Daugaard has no plans to propose changes to the minimum wage law. But he wouldn’t be shocked if we did see some:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard told members of the South Dakota Retailers Association on Monday he personally would not bring forward any proposed changes to the new minimum wage law passed by South Dakota voters as a ballot measure in November, but said he wouldn’t be surprised if some legislators did.


Changing the law “would be a little bit of an affront to the voters who just adopted it,” Daugaard said, even though he opposed the measure. “I voted against it. I know many of you opposed it,” the governor said, speaking to members at the SDRA annual meeting held in Pierre at the Ramkota River Centre.


The SDRA is gathering stories from its members about any impact of the new law, such as price hikes, staff reductions and reduced benefits, to share with lawmakers and others.

“It’s not just businesses being affected by the new law. It’s nonprofits, it’s daycare providers,” Lyons said.

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12 thoughts on “Daugaard has no plans to revise minimum wage law. But there could be legislation introduced.”

  1. Looks like the South Dakota voters decided it’s time to see if trickle “up” economics makes more sense for most people.

  2. I can point out something that is a result of this. There is a movie theater in Sioux Falls that has seats at low prices. Before January 1, the price was $3.00. Today it is $3.50. That is a similar ratio of what the minimum wage went up. Coincidence? During the build up to the vote, people said it would not make a difference. We are starting to see it. Costs will be passed on somehow. Either to the consumer or cut costs by having fewer employees.

    1. You are talking about the West Mall theater and that’s not why prices went up it was to pay for a major renovation and upgrades to digital projection that has happened recently

  3. If nothing is done, the inflater rate of the min wage bill will push inflation even more, thus those people will be earning more, but will also be paying more, so who really wins?

  4. I love how Thune – Filibuster King – complains about the gridlock in the Democrat-led Senate.

  5. Wage hike for the poor….flim shaw! Any gains that these ragamuffins make will surely be diverted by increases in gas taxes, entertainment taxes, tobacco taxes, and the like. After all, who else should we require to put 12% of their income into the state, county, and municipal tax buckets? Certainly not the landed gentry or the merchant class. If the poor want more, they should roll back the child labor laws and have their children get jobs.

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