David Natvig for Attorney General campaign posts campaign video, facebook page.

And it looks like Dave Natvig is off and running, as he’s already posted a campaign video:

You can find his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/natvigforag

21 thoughts on “David Natvig for Attorney General campaign posts campaign video, facebook page.”

  1. I think he sounded strong. Marty should be worried as he comes across as nothing more than a politician.

  2. If the first thing you say is “tough on crime” then that’s gonna be a No from me dawg.

  3. Good ad and what is needed for what is coming to South Dakota once Big Dope gets established in SD. The blackmarket will get far worse undercutting pot shops(dispenceries) that will be everywhere.

    No-Nonsense Natvig for AG!

    1. Price it fairly and people will buy it legally. Not too much moonshine around these days is there?

      What happened to personal freedoms?

      1. Never worked in other states.

        The Black Market can and will sell to kids. Heavy chronic daily THC users are well known to seek out the cheapest source of THC whether their source is legal or not and the black market will ALWAYS be CHEAPER. They specifically target and undercut the legal and regulated pot shops that have all the overhead of a legitimate business.

        If the Black Market develops an even higher THC level than 99% where the legal market is you can bet THC users will buy it since it is all about the high.

        Another issue is the deeply entrenched myth pushed by users and those who profit from addiction is that THC (Marijuana) is “Not even a drug but just a plant and that it is harmless”. That myth makes it far more difficult for users to recognize they have a substance abuse problem and they need treatment. It also makes it much easier for minors to get started using and serves as a pathway to cultivate them into heavy chronic daily THC users which are by far the most profitable. Those young brains which do not fully develop until 25 to 27 years of age are especially vulnerable to addiction and mental illness.

  4. Good horse, but wrong race. Noem has already hamstrung the Ravsnborg criminal trial, did a number on the impeachment hearings, and now a DCI Director announcing his desire to be AG right before a historical Senate trial. Natvig would be clear and good in 2026, but the optics of this move are all wrong. Natvig just handed Jeff Larson a fresh bunch of new ammo to fire at the Senate.

    1. With noem meddling in getting rid of the current AG since day 1, why didn’t she put her own puppet candidate up for the race?

  5. The staging for the video is pretty good, but the feed keeps skipping — even if he’s staying in position (not shifting to a side view or to photos). Makes it look like Natvig can’t remember (or read off cards) more than a sentence or two so they have to splice together a ton of shots to get the whole speech. Hmmmm….. 🤔

  6. a refreshing change—lets give him a chance—I have already learned more about his campaign and him in his video and press release than Marty has said in a year—plus Marty has never addressed some of his scandals from when he was AG

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