Jackley sends note to delegates, points out State’s Attorney and Sheriff Endorsements

While we’re noticing that one of Jason Ravnsborg’s right hand men have announced that they’re running for Attorney General, a piece came out in yesterday’s mail for that other guy..

Former Attorney General Marty Jackley sent a note to delegates, asking them for their support, and pointing out the law enforcement officials who are backing him:

You have to admit, it doesn’t leave a lot of air around anyone else who finds themselves jumping in the race.

10 thoughts on “Jackley sends note to delegates, points out State’s Attorney and Sheriff Endorsements”

  1. I’m not telling anyone who to support at convention, but (imho) that’s an effective letter. We’ll be in Watertown this summer; we’re inclined to favor the candidate who shows he’s most likely to prevail in November. Ideally, we unify & elect someone focused on prosecuting & incarcerating criminals. My family backs law enforcement at the city, county, and state levels. 64 sheriffs’ and 59 prosecutors’ endorsement weighs heavily with us.

  2. Not to be hypercritical, but that should probably read “The State’s Attorneys from 59 Counties”, as there are not actually 59 unique individuals on that list (Shane Penfield is listed four times and Zach Pahlke and Lance Russell twice each).

    Also, the endorsement from the Haakon County SA is most unexpected. 😉

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