Democrats realize they can’t win, plan on recruiting Republicans.

Well, that’s a new one on me.

If you haven’t noticed, because of their stances which don’t jibe with most of South Dakota, Democrats have been hunted to extinction in the state. So, what’s the response of young democrats who are tired of seeing their party lose race, after race, after race?

Recruit friendly Republicans:

An organization formed in November is in the early stages of implementing a mission of electing more Democrats to local offices and the state Legislature.


The Democratic Party is good at getting policy passed and in supporting federal races, so the South Dakota Progress group will fill a niche at the local level.

Wilke said the Democratic Party is unable to focus on the local elections, especially the nonpartisan ones, because it doesn’t have the manpower or the time.


The goal is to fill ballots with the names of Democrats or even progressive Republicans.

“We would find them,” she said. “We wouldn’t just wait for them to come to us. We would look for people who are really active in their community.”

Read it all here.

So, the Democrat Party can’t be bothered to run candidates, because they’re too busy on ballot issues and “supporting federal races.”  So, with their blessing, this outside group is going to recruit liberal Republicans to run.   Whom I really, really suspect are going to be slaughtered at the ballot box. Badly.

They might ask Scott Heidepreim how that worked out for him 4-5 years ago when he switched parties.

Someday, we’ll be telling our grandchildren – “I remember when there were two political parties in South Dakota. But then a bunch of goofy liberals got ahold of the Democrat party, and drove it off the cliff.”

The takeaway is that Democrats have finally realized they can’t win, so, they plan on recruiting Republicans.  Can we start counting down the days to the next shellacking at the ballot box?

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  1. Instead of realizing that their positions are radical, racist, and intolerant, the Democrats in SD will continue to try to foist their poisonous ideologies on S.. Dakotans, and lose.

    Maybe they will change. Evolution will either MAKE them adapt or become extinct.

    stay tuned.

  2. Does this mean that those presently in office who decided to switch from being Democrat to wear the big R to win will go back to being Dems?

    1. Since Gordon Howie ran against the GOP, now he do it with open support of Democrats, as opposed to getting it through back alley Democrat PAC money.

  3. The fundamental requirement for a party to be successful are:

    1) A Vision for the present and future endorsed by a substantial segment of the district (city, county, legislative district, state, nation).

    2) A stable of candidates or potential candidates who are personally attractive to the electorate. A bozo who is right on the issues will still lose.

    3) An organization that understands campaigns and winning elections.

    The Democrats currently have zero of the above.

    1) Their vision is national Democrat progressive liberalism. That doesn’t even attract a majority of Democrats and is rejected by Republicans and Independents. Bad place to be if you are in the minority with regard to voter registration.

    2) The GOP has successful candidates where they have a huge majority of the legislature and I suspect county commissions/city councils, all the Constitutional offices, Governor, Congress, and US Senate. When we talk about who is running for what, we have a dozen potential candidates. They have two (Herseth and Johnson). Herseth was beaten and Johnson has never run for anything.

    3) There is absolutely no organization that is meaningful. Zip. No volunteers and no base to raise money (depend on Obama/National Party to support operations).

    The essence of this strategy is to recruit people who are Republicans to join the above entity. Fool’s game.

  4. practically speaking, the group will have some success if they can tap into the historic jfk/george mcgovern type of democratic politics. sadly, if they can do this, they’ll only use that historic ambiance to mask the huge stench created by the national democrat agenda, which will go forward whether local dems think they’re supporting it or not.
    low participation and low turnout is always rooted in mistrust of your leaders and candidates. if the sd progress group can just make their image smell a little better, they might make some gains. i wouldn’t hold out hope or fear of any large permanent change in the state’s democratic party.

    1. practically speaking, to succeed they need to recruit the republicans who are already winning the elections. good luck there.

  5. However, the Dems don’t ever have to worry about Rep KYLE SCHOENFISH (R-Dist 19). He may have scraped the Obama bumper stickers off his car, but once he managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the local rubes and get elected, he’s charging full-speed ahead supporting the DemoTard agenda– most recently publishing his reason for voting against the Article V Resolution, where he actually said he opposed a balanced budget amendment.

    So, when Kyle grows up and gets out of his training pants in Pierre, he” be fully qualified to run for the state senate or who knows? Maybe even national office? Any far left ass wipe like SCHOENFISH who can so blatantly fool the hicks once can surely do it again. After all, he may be an ass wipe, but he’s OUR ass wipe. So pencil him in. And once he succeeds in penetrating the SD GOP senate or maybe even the US House, all he has to do is follow the RULES FOR RINOS and the home folks will just love him to death. That seems to be the formula for “good government” here in SD.

    So, here you go KYLE– just follow these simple rules and you could go down in history on the South Dakota Whig College as one of our greatest political geniuses:

    Here are the 8 RINO rules:

    1. Bait and Switch
    This can also be referred to as “politics over principle” or “don’t fight now, fight later”. Members that have roamed the halls of Congress for multiple years have made a lot of campaign promises along the way, and they have undoubtedly broken a few of them. Some even admit a broken promise. Just look at Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) admitting he lied when asked whether he would honor his term limits commitment. When it comes to the big promises, you’d think politicians would stick to them.

    This is where bait-and-switch comes into play: find a reason and tell the press in spin-o-riffic fashion why a vote for or against that promise would ultimately be a wasted vote. To them, party comes first, the next election, or the next fight. This is the main reason that the proverbial can continually gets kicked down the road. That really core thing, like not raising taxes – that will be fought for next time.

    Right now is about keeping power, gaining goodwill for self-advancement, or supposedly gaining leverage, ironically the leverage doesn’t actually get used.

    They moan and complain about conservative primary challenges, but two years away from their next election, they will spend millions bashing and hammering conservatives back home in an effort to soften the ground for their next race.

    2. Show Me the Money
    Votes win elections and money is used to get votes, therefore simple calculus tells a RINO that money is the most important thing ever. It just so happens that special interest has lots of money. So what if this vote will raise taxes? Don’t worry, the Establishment needs this vote to remain in power and appease the special interest. This rule usually coincides with adherence to #1 where special interest greases the skids for the passage of a 1000-page bill as long as there is something that tips the scales in their favor. Unfortunately, it is easier to lobby Congress for a handout than it is for special interests to innovate.

    3. Fear
    This one is simple – they instill fear in you the voter. You don’t want a Democrat in office – do you? Of course you don’t, so you must vote for the RINO. But don’t worry, all those things they do that seem morally repugnant, they are just pragmatic actions to remain in power. Again, you don’t want a Democrat in office – do you?

    4. Governing
    This word is politician-speak for capitulation. If they ever use this word, they are probably a RINO, because it means they are more concerned with keeping power, making friends, or raising money. So again, governing involves politics over principle, money, and then of course, fear.

    5. Double Standards
    RINOs love double standards. They moan and complain about conservative primary challenges, but two years away from their next election, they will spend millions bashing and hammering conservatives back home in an effort to soften the ground for their next race. They will taint every conservative candidate as an unwashed, unelectable, extremist wacko, but the minute their people are caught with baggage (Steve Scalise (R-LA) with David Duke and Thad Cochran (R-MS) with neo-confederate organizations) they circle the wagons. As long as you support amnesty and are a member of the governing elite in good standing you can do no wrong. Again, politics, money, and fear are major cornerstones of these members, and they work well when it comes to double standards. Plus, double standards help them explain away their sellout votes with ease.

    RINOs love to announce their plans to surrender in advance.

    6. Me Too
    Originating in the 1930’s, a term that tells the listener the RINO in question agrees with Democrats on issues with only moderating differences. As in when a Democrat says, “I believe in federal funding and involvement in education” the RINO responds, “Me too. But there is another way to manage this better.” The political intent is to show that the RINO is socially acceptable and not an extremist, in other words, not a conservative. Their argument is that they are better managers of government than liberals, but ultimately both end up at the same place. The “me too” RINO just takes longer to arrive at the liberal destination and doesn’t stop the damage to our economy, society, or nation from a bloated all-powerful central government.

    7. Pragmatic
    Pragmatic in the world of both RINO’s and leftists is a buzz word meaning “not conservative.” The implication, sometimes stated outright, is that conservatism is “ideological” while “liberalism” is just plain reality. And therefore to deal with reality – to “get things done” – a RINO advocates being “pragmatic”. Which, in practice, means accepting the liberal world view on an issue. For example, we must have highways and bridges; therefore, the “pragmatic” thing to do is raise the gas tax. Thus, the “pragmatic” question is about “how much the federal gas tax should be raised – by five cents or ten cents?” The question can never be “should we place the states in charge of funding their own highways and abolish the federal gas tax?” thereby ending the federal addiction to this money pit for mass transit and payoffs to Big Labor.

    8. Preemptive Surrender
    RINOs love to announce their plans to surrender in advance. For example, after the 2014 midterms, liberal Republican Leadership in both the House and the Senate announced that no matter what Obama did or would do to bypass Congress, they wouldn’t use any must pass bill as a leverage point. For all practical purposes the Establishment surrendered before they even took the field. This was all part of “governing” and used the tried and true “bait and switch” to promise to fight later. And every time that the Establishment announces surrender and kicks the can down the road it only emboldens Obama and Democrats to hold firm and not negotiate.

    Don’t worry KYLE– this formula has worked for countless SD “Republicans” and its working splendidly right now. Just buy any out-of-state newspaper and read it for yourself.

    1. his voters are free to vote him out. re: training pants, he’s in the legislature and i’m guessing you are not. power talks, b-s walks.

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