Dems still short a candidate for the top South Dakota office this election.

I was noticing the other day that (predictably) Libertarian spoiler Kurt Evans announced in a comment section at another blog that he is bowing out from running for US Senate (again. And again).

This race that never got off the ground marked his third race against Senator Thune, and his second time bowing out against the State’s senior Senator, putting Evans as having actually ran once, and then not getting past talking about it the next three times. I’m starting to sense a pattern.

For challengers against Thune, that leaves Mike “Professor Push-ups” Myers who is still thinking about a candidacy, in-between attempts of trying to sound coherent.  I wish him all the luck in the world with that.

Sounding coherent, that is. Not with the candidacy. He had enough trouble with the former during last years’ gubernatorial campaign.

Moving from the Libertarians and Independents to the Democrats, apparently, they’re still smarting from the shellacking they took in 2004 from Thune. They just flat out failed to field a challenger after the popular Thune’s first term of office.

And with just over a year left to go, they’re still strongly and firmly on track to duplicate those same results. They basically have no one.

Maybe I should clarify that a bit – they have no one credible yet. Although, I am hearing rumors of a former state legislative candidate in the Southeast part of the state who has lost for the legislature at least twice announcing at a meeting “If no one wants to do it, I will.”

Somebody has to take one for the team” is not exactly a rousing rallying cry.  But given the state of the Democrat party, it might be the best they can hope for.  But even that is wishful thinking at this point.

The fact remains that Dems are still short a candidate for the top South Dakota office in the 2016 election.  And that does not look like a condition that’s going to be remedied anytime soon.

If at all.

16 thoughts on “Dems still short a candidate for the top South Dakota office this election.”

  1. With Santema leading the libertarian party now I expect them to put up a credible debater against Noem. All the libertarians have to do is run someone competent against her who will make a good impression on the general electorate in the kelo debate.

    The days of Kurt Evans and Reistrofer are over with the new leadership.

    1. recruit a debater candidate like convicted felon Bob Newland?

      Ryan Gaddy?

      Annette Bosworth
      former candidate for AG Chad whatever his name is?

  2. 1st Kurt Evans make these announcements like anyone cares. No one does since he is insignificant in terms of making an impact in an election. He’s done enough to damage himself over time to be ever taken seriously as a candidate.

    2nd The state Democrats or shall we say what’s left of them are totally dysfunctional with the most vocal group that is living in a mind altered fantasy land state that has no concept of reality. They don’t realize the consequences of what they propose.

    The other group of state Democrats look at the very vocal and liberal group of Dems like the relative who is entertaining at times, never having any stability, talks and talks but never gets anything done and if he or she does it’s a trainwreck. They would never loan that relative any money or give them a job with any responsibility. That goofy relative has no credibility and it is why many remaining Democrats here in this state will vote for Republicans or just sit out again till the goofy ones move on.

  3. Evans needs to realize no one care if he runs or quits. He has damaged himself by his actions in that he has zero chance to ever being elected to state or national office.

  4. State Dems? The most vocal liberal group remind me of the relative that is entertaining, talks and talks with all kinds of fantasies sometimes 3 sheets to the wind but never accomplishes anything and if he or she does it’s a trainwreck. Never any stability and although you love and care about this relative you would never loan them any money and give them a job with responsibility.

    No competitive challenger will emerge against Thune. Statewide party logistical support is further dwindling, more registered state Dems leaving party monthly, state party losing credibility for the centrist Dems/Independents and 2016 will be another downward slide for the party.

    1. does it matter? that party is a complete mess! They wouldn’t have a support system to support a good candidate anyways.

  5. What we really need are Republican candidates with the backbone to run against Thune and Noem. South Dakota needs its own Trump.

    1. Ding… Ding… Ding….! Winner of the prize for the silliest thing said today.

      Yes, while you might desire someone who has gone through wives and bankruptcies like some go through t-shirts, most of us appreciate the leadership our current Washington Delegation provides for the SDGOP, and good job that Thune and Noem do in Washington.

      1. You left your patron off the list of who is doing a good job.

        He has a 17% conservative rating.

      2. Do I sense some establishment republican frustration? You are not alone, Jeb is also very frustrated.

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