District 8 Senate Candidate Rick Weible claiming to Brookings County Commission “my life is at risk.” (with video)

Well, it’s not as if I make candidates say this stuff.

Fresh off of his claims last night that he’s the author of many pieces of legislation, this morning, District 8 State Senate Candidate Rick Weible was telling the Brookings County Commission that his life is in danger, because he claims he’s an election software expert, and because he hacked into a laptop with some election software, the US does not want things to be known.. 

But don’t take my word for it.. get it from the horse’s mouth.. start at about 5:50:

Rick Weible claims his life is at risk, and it’s a plot by the US Government (start at 5:50)

“The fact is that I’ve now shown you this piece of evidence, I understand that my life is at risk, and that the United States does not want this to be known that this software is available on the dark web..”

Why do I think there’s going to be a pillow guy mini-cyber conference being called for? (Are we going to have to start referring to Rick as the couch-pillow guy?)

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  1. And there are people who are “normal” who believe in him so much they wrote him a check.

    1. I can assure you the there are far more normal people that will write Crabtree a check. Problem is guys like Rick don’t get the support of average folks because rick does weird things. Good Luck to Mr. Weible.

      1. Have you been under a rock? He was shown in the newspaper protesting the Black Lives Matter rally. He has quite a track record in Minnesota. He had to leave because they didn’t buy his craziness. Wishing him good luck is as crazy as he is. Lora Hubbel could loan him her hat to protect him.

  2. I think I can say without fear of contradiction, I do not recall a candidate who ever declared that “my life is at risk, and that the United States does not want this to be known” who has managed to win a seat in the South Dakota State Legislature.

    Not sure that even Lora Hubbel leaned into the conspiracy theories that hard.

    1. I have worked with a lot of people, as a nurse practitioner, in my lifetime. I don’t like the way he acts or talks. I am concerned that he is not capable of listening to his (possible) voters or understanding and considering opposition testimony. He gives off an unusual vibe.

      I am also concerned that he is coming to my District March 20th, but not super concerned. I am more concerned that he was invited in the first place.

      Our district is tough, we are generational South Dakotans, and we have tried hand counting already. We got it, we don’t need him to come tell us how to do it.

      If he is from MN he can stay there. This upsets me because it is very “I know better than you”. Coming from a man/boy without experience.

    2. We see no one has challenged Mr Weibel’s claims about the integrity of the election machines/software/hacking ability, everything else is just fluffer

  3. i hope you’re all having fun laughing at this weible fellow, and his conspiracy theories and paranoia.

    less funny: the GOP of old is being eradicated from the top down by the trumps at the still-DBA “RNC.” trumps are filling all the recent vacancies they created in the election and state-party liaison positions with characters like this weible fellow.

    as trump becomes less and less able to crack into the political center and cobble a winning coalition this fall, the potential for election-day and post election dirty tricks in the states looms HUGE.

    i see war-college’s podcast friends gave awards. i hope the rnc won an award for most-surprising-predictable-hostile-takeover. where was congress’s own sense of institutional survival? regrettably absent. congress is the thing that belongs to the people, the hoi poloi, the great unwashed. half of it seems groomed to destroy the whole of it, to what end? is the US saved?

    1. enquirer, this is not about Trump,
      I told you before, you have Trump living rent-free in your head, and it’s time to evict him

      These conspiracy theories about electronic voting machines have been around ever since machines started being used.
      They went into high gear after Bush beat Gore.

      People who live in bubbles and only talk to people who agree with them cannot comprehend that there are other people who disagree. Consequently every outcome which surprises them is evidence of a vast conspiracy. Remember the “vast right-wing conspiracy” against the Clintons? It was epic. According to Hillary, Bill never did anything nasty in his life.

      Speaking of which, most of the complaints about Trump seem to be accusations of behaving like Bill Clinton or Jack Kennedy. All those guys are cut from the same cloth you know.

  4. I have become convinced that, for a fair portion of conspiracist types, all this is LARPing to make themselves feel special that they can “see” what nobody else does. Any attack on the conspiracy is treated as an attack on them. Problematically, nobody cares enough about Rick to kill him. He’s just a lonely little fella with more time than sense.

    1. if nobody tries to kill him, he’s going to be very disappointed.
      If you happen to own, or can borrow, a black suburban with tinted windows, please start driving it around Elkton.

  5. Negative comments about Rick have no bearing on the truth or falsehood of his presentation.

    If I was on that board, I would be making a motion that his accusations be thoroughly investigated along with whoever is in charge of elections in the state & counties with these machines. Why? Not to satisfy a possible crackpot, but to make sure that the elections are squeaky clean.

    If Rick is right, I think his life IS in danger. He’s a whistleblower who has made his findings public. If he is wrong, so what? You have investigated your machines & found them to be secure.

    Rick’s presentation was not the rant of a deranged individual, so it should not be written off as just another “conspiracy theory.” It was a reasoned explanation with a presentation of evidence that should be checked and verified. Include leaders of both parties to be watchers to keep it honest.

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