Do we have to start designating pronouns to our kids now?

Ugh. Political correctness run amok.

21 thoughts on “Do we have to start designating pronouns to our kids now?”

  1. The Air Force can try to spin this, but the slideshow in question says “don’t use words like mom and dad.”

    Dusty is right on this one.

    1. Except the air force has formally responded and that makes more sense than ignoring the response. People are more interested in finding something to get mad about these days. I lost a little respect for Dusty with this political / election cycle tweet.

  2. Until the idiots running our White House are out of office, NOTHING is going to change because of their love of perversion of all things! Once the legislative and executive branches are changed, only then can the traitors in the Pentagon (“I’ll let my Chinese counterparts know when we’re going to attack” GEN Milley) and his henchmen be removed and stripped of their ranks and benefits for all the violations of trust that have been assumed they would honor. Every officer, including the military academy superintendents, should be included for going along with this wussificaion of our military in general, leadership in particular. If Johnson was truly concerned about stuff like this going on at the academies, he (and Thune and Rounds) should suspend their promotions of military academy applications to South Dakota’s youth.

    1. “wussification of our military”

      If only we had rugged, manly, no-nonsense recruits like the Russians do.

  3. Both General Milley and Sec Def Austin are “woke” crap-ass shills for the Deep State.

    Milley, who was a good general, flipped to the “dark side” between his 3rd and 4th stars.

    Lloyd Austin is and always has been a “pretender” and reverse racist with a HUGE chip on his shoulder.

    He has stepped on un-earned lily pads his entire career.

    Austin better belongs on the EEOC reject pile of many decades ago.

    Dusty, what would you expect from two proven reprobate souls who forced a “jab or job” C-19 Vaxx mandate on literally hundreds of thousands of the military?

    These two jerks are a disgrace to America.

    What are you pretending NOT to already know??

    Stop 🛑 with the faux “hand-wringing!”

    I figured these two corrupt buffoons out long ago… and I don’t have your resources.

      1. Congressman Thomas Massie introduced H.B. 3860 last summer…’A Bill to Prohibit Any Requirement that a Member of the Armed Forces receive a vaccination against Covid-19. It is co-sponsored by 86 members of congress. I just checked it again and Johnson of South Dakota is still not a co-sponsor. I guess that would detract from his time to hand out “Thank You” pins to Viet Nam veterans…during this campaign season.

      1. The military requires more than a dozen vaccinations. And their resources are top medical experts. A toddler can do “a lotta reading”.

        1. And the vaccinations the military requires are proven effective with a long history of risk analysis…..something that CANNOT be provided with the COVID vaccine.

          1. It’s a new virus. But you fight these vaccinations because it’s a new vaccine? An effective one at that.

            All of them were new at one time. Science is far more advanced today than when they approved those vaccines with the “long history”.

            We usually have a dozen or more vaccinations and most of us don’t know anything about any of them. Politicians don’t either. Vaccines are tools, not tyranny.

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