Does Kathy Tyler have imaginary tea parties with President Obama as well?

From Kathy Tyler’s Facebook:


“No matter how one feels about the topic, we, as legislators, should not be interfering with decisions made by other, non-legislative entities.”

Um…. What’s this “we as legislators” stuff? The last time I checked, Kathy Tyler is not a legislator, and the fact she was beaten in the November election should have been a big hint to her that she wasn’t going to be a legislator any more.

What else does she do when playing make believe, besides pretending she’s a legislator? Is she having imaginary tea parties with President Obama?

You know, once you get past a certain age, if you’re still playing make believe, people kind of look at you funny.

18 thoughts on “Does Kathy Tyler have imaginary tea parties with President Obama as well?”

  1. She is sharing a post made by Bernie Hunhoff. Those are Bernie’s words not her own. Do you really need to find every little thing to try to degrade an individual? Why don’t you write about something that matters instead of someone’s Facebook post!

  2. I updated the picture (including the Bernie part I originally clipped off) if it wasn’t clear to you which part her words were. Hopefully that clears up your confusion over why it sounds goofy.

    Otherwise, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    1. Mark, you don’t have a problem with reading comprehension do you? She was referring to herself, and then shared Bernie’s post. Which contained none of the words that she posted.

  3. For those of you who don’t understand facebook: The words below Kathy’s name are her own words. The words below Bernie’s picture are his words (which are what she’s sharing). Knowing Kathy , this post is extremely hypocritical. There were ads before the election of an incident last year where she tried to influence a judge’s decision. She tried to influence a court’s decision for a deadbeat west-river friend of hers who didn’t like the fact that the judge had ruled against them in a case where her friend had voided a computer contract.

  4. I just visited Kathy’s facebook page, and this post has been taken down. A friend of mine who used to work in Milbank called [redacted]..

    (The name calling isn’t necessary. We can discuss this silliness without it. -pp)

  5. OK, sorry, but I would bet that if the bill was promoting the multi-gendered athletes, she wouldn’t be making the same contrary statement.

  6. Kathy is an interesting study in arrogance. Wouldn’t you expect the typical South Dakotan that’s defeated in an election to go home, return to family, work, and generally getting back to the normal swing of life? There’s no shame in losing an election! For some reason, Kathy can’t get that through her head. She still believes she’s a legislator. Witness not just her words posted above, but the fact that she continues to roam the halls and meetings rooms during session, continues to attend “legislator-only” receptions, and continues to testify in committee (listen to her on the SD legislative site as she breaks into tears testifying last week against evil farmers and the equally evil HB 1173 that would deter frivolous appeals of land zoning decisions), continues to call press conferences (“The Republicans fired me . . .”), etc. All of this is documented on her Facebook page. It’s all very sad.

    1. This was strictly a Freudian slip. We are not suppose to know that she still thinks she represents District 4. That would make her clinically insane.

  7. Kathy Tyler in 2016…because I am going to show up in Pierre anyways whether you like it or not.

  8. What a phony. I’ll guarantee you that if the SDHSAA was proposing to end girls basketball and substitute girls badminton instead as sport she’d be all over “interfering with the decision” of this non-legislative entity.

    Besides the phoniness, the person must not be too bright. SDHSAA is a creation of the legislature. The “creator” is always superior to that which they create.

    Finally, she is not the only person who considered being the legislature their crowning life achievement such they couldn’t turn the page and move on. But, she might be the only one who thinks she still is in the legislature after getting beat.

  9. Why all the hate on Kathy Tyler? Isn’t she now acting as a concerned citizen and taxpayer of South Dakota and especially trying to give testimony for those who are unable to make it to Pierre from her community that feel threatened by CAFOs?

    1. If you live in South Dakota and feel threatened by agriculture and livestock, you need to move.
      It’s what people do here. If you don’t like it, leave.

      1. Anne,

        My idea of Agriculture is from my great grandmother homesteading out west river with my relatives growing it into a modern family farm. That also includes the numerous ranchers and famers I’ve known over the years across the state. CAFO’s Industrial/corporate farming with all the negative issues they bring is not my idea for agriculture here in SD.

        I’m a big believer in value added AG but not going the route of CAFO’s

  10. Troy ,
    I gave this piece of advise to freshman legislator 3 yrs. ago when she became enamored with all the press attention she was getting . Remember that the only reason they are clamoring to talk to you is that word Representative in front of your name . When you either term out or lose an election they will no longer be interested in your opinion .

  11. well if someone doesn’t reblog bernie hunhoff postings, then there’s a serious reduction in the amount of ANY information coming from the legislative democrats since few even ran for office and only a few won. tyler’s imaginary office is probably performing a public service of sorts.

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