FBI closes EB-5 Investigation with no charges or prosecution.

Apparently, everyone is in on conspiracy! The Capitol Journal reports that the EB-5 Case is closed with no charges or prosecution:

The FBI has closed its investigation into South Dakota’s investment-for-visa program and the U.S. Attorney’s office has decided not to pursue prosecution.

FBI spokesman Kyle Loven says the agency recently forwarded its findings of the state’s EB-5 program to the office of U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler. Loven says the office decided not to bring charges.

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13 thoughts on “FBI closes EB-5 Investigation with no charges or prosecution.”

  1. Wow! Imagine that… No charges filed! No prosecution! I’m shocked… Shocked I tell you shocked!! (note the sarcasm)

    1. Real conservatives are anti-corruption regardless of the establishment politician or the party in power.

      There is nothing to celebrate here. Mr Benda was painted the offender in this by everyone involved, and yet.. it is impossible for one person to have been responsible for moving all the pieces that it took for the 10’s of millions of $$ to have “failed.”

      1. Are you a dim bulb?

        The only thing close to criminal was Benda’s travel reimbursements and how he arranged his ‘golden parachute.’

        Otherwise, it was a big project for beef processing, which is a risky investment, funded in part because of foreign investors.

        Nothing illegal. It just didn’t pan out.

  2. Remind me the name of the one-term lady lib legislator that got all conspiracy crazed about EB5.

  3. They put Al Capone in jail for tax evasion because they could not build strong enough cases on the murder and racketeering because key witnesses kept turning up dead and because he had too many cronies that were in too many influential public positions.

    If everything is on the up and up? Then the FBI will release their files via FOIA, if not..

  4. All this on top of the article a couple weeks ago in which the federal Department of Justice guy said they were always focused on a particular individual.

    That’s the Obama Justice Department. Saying basically the same thing Jackley did.

    So there are two possibilities:
    1 – Everyone in state and federal government and in both parties is in a massive conspiracy- along with all those county guys who secured the Benda suicide, or
    2 – This was always about wrongdoing by one man, who sadly chose suicide over facing trial. All the rest was just unfounded media speculation and partisan hype.

  5. Can we expect the argus, journal and mercer to write up a story on how Brendan slow walked this deal until after the election?

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