Former Mike Myers Campaign ‘Manager’ and Annette Bosworth defender Tara Volesky running for Mitchell School Board.

The headline at the MItchell Daily Republic screams “Volesky running ‘to get politics out of education.”  That’s kind of funny, I thought it should have said ‘running to get education out of politics,’ as anyone who would involve themselves with Annette Bosworth after her arrest might be lacking some basic information:

No stranger to campaigning, Volesky also ran for mayor three years ago and school board two years ago.

Volesky, who moved to Mitchell in 2006, graduated from Mobridge High School. She then obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from Brigham Young University, with a minor in gerontology and a teaching certification, though she noted she is no longer certified.

She worked at the now-closed Huron University for several years, and has been a substitute teacher at Huron and Mitchell’s schools. She and her husband, Ron, have four children, all of whom have graduated from Mitchell High School. Their youngest, Taylor, graduated this year.

An outspoken critic of the school board’s decision to build a new fine arts center, Volesky said, if elected, her primary goal would be to stop that process from going forward.


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48 thoughts on “Former Mike Myers Campaign ‘Manager’ and Annette Bosworth defender Tara Volesky running for Mitchell School Board.”

  1. Isn’t this her 3rd or 4th run for Mitchell office? The voters overwhelmingly rejected that circus a few times already.

    1. This is my third race. I ran for Mayor to try and stop a $40 million dollar expansion of the Corn Palace. 2 years ago I ran to stop the $15.3 million dollar Tahj Mohall…… This year, I guess you can read the article. Thanks Pat. At least you posted it. I feel I am treated with more respect over here. DFP won’t post it because he likes to control the message and I thought the Democrat party was a big tent for all people. They are a big tent alright, with nobody in it except a few club members.

      1. Your have claimed to be an Independent and not a Democrat have you not? Remember one of your past statements during your management of the Hubbel then Meyers campaigns and now trial of Annette Bosworth that the Democrat and Republican parties have a secret alliance?

        No need for suicide re-enactments and the rest of the non relevant drama on Mitchell School Board.

        1. Yes, I am an Independent. I am not sure if I said the D and R party have a secret alliance. I said something to the affect they are both controlled by the big money interests. Being a Democrat in SD really has no significance right now.

        1. she could post on the new crazy train conspiracy blog dakotaz free press and fit right in!

          1. I just came across it yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to see what it’s all about yet. When did DakotaZ Free Press start up?

        2. I would be a terrible blogger. I am so technically limited. I just learned how to use the internet about 3 or 4 years ago.

    1. Thank you old guy. Just want you to know, I did not want to run for school board. I made many calls for people to run, but I could not get one person to run for the 3 year slot. I would have loved for someone else to run, but there were no takers, so I had no other choice. I just feel a $16 million dollar stand alone fine arts center needs some public input. I also feel there need to be transparency.

      1. It will not be a stand alone facility. It will be attached to the former Mitchell Tech building. Which is being used by the school district. And what is not transparent? Can you provide examples?

        1. Sure I can provide examples……I talked to the director of buildings and maintenance that oversees the school district. He corrected me because from what the paper said, it will be attached to the former MTI building. The paper was wrong. My good friend, former State Senator and school board member told me the same story. I saw the documentation which Mr. Hall has in his possession. It will not be built on to the former MTI building. I am sure they will have some kind of corridor the leads into the building next to it. They hood-winked the public on this one. And that private donation of $350,000 is not private, that is taxpayers money. 1,240 seats for a HS is a little bit over the top, wouldn’t you say? This is one reason why Mitchell is number 2 in the state for highest property taxes.

          1. Tara so now the school administration, the city and now the Mitchell daily republic are all lying to the public about where the FAC will be located? another conspiracy? better get your buddy stranahan to do some investigating.

            1. No, I am telling the truth. Why would they attach it to the newly remodeled Votech Center, when their plans are to tear down the Votech building and build the new school where the now Votech building is standing. Look at the Puetz Construction plans.

              1. I understand you are ‘telling the truth’. Unfortunately, I don’t know that you are. A person offering themselves as a candidate for an elected office needs to convince voters using physical evidence that something is awry with a plan. Not hearsay.

                1. Well, if you don’t think I am telling the truth then don’t for me.

                  1. It is hard to take you seriously and believe you when you stated above the Corn Palace remodel cost $40 million. It’s actually around $7 million.

                    1. The $40 million dollar proposal was about 31/2 years ago. It was called the next generation corn palace. All of the copies of the architectural drawings I have in my possession. That’s why I ran for Mayor 3 yeas ago.

                    2. Can you link to those architectual drawings? It would be more believable.

          2. Mitchell Schools are 136th in the state in per-pupil expenditures. Lower than Sioux Falls and Rapid City both. Sounds like they’re pretty efficient stewards of tax dollars already. Any source of your “2nd highest in the state” claim beyond you thinking it is so?

            1. Gosh , I would have to do some digging. I got the report at a city council meeting a few months back when they were discussing hiring a city administrator. I will see if I can find it. Oh by the way Porter just to let you know……you can add 4 more I’s to your vanity statement.

              1. Everyone who reads this blog should find the Educational Statistics Digest on the Dept. of Ed’s Website. Statewide and per district info on enrollment, budgets, levies, etc. on every district in the state. Handy info on the largest use of our tax dollars: public education.

              2. Found it……..It was a hand-out given to the city council by Roger Muisck on City Mill Levies. Mitchell is 2nd highest with the winner going to Huron. So here’s highest to lowest tax levies.
                1. Huron
                2. Mitchell
                3. Aberdeen
                4. Sioux Falls
                5. Yankton
                6. Pierre
                7. Rapid City
                8. Spearfish
                9. Watertown
                10. Brookings
                These are city mill levies. Maybe Jerry Toomey who is running for Mayor should use these statistics.

                1. The city mill levies have nothing to do with the school. But MHS has a continual $700,000 dollar a year opt out that they never got rid of.

                  1. You don’t “get rid” of opt outs. They are approved for a set number of years then expire. The City’s mil levy is irrelevant to the school board race, yet you blithely quote this handout to prove school taxes are too high? So, far you’ve demonstrated a breathtaking ignorance of how the district taxes and spends. How can you possibly say you’re running to protect taxpayers?

            2. Be fair and compare MHS to schools in similar size. Will start with highest expenditures…..
              1.Huron……………….$7,998 per student
              2. Yankton……. …….$7,267 per student
              3. Mitchell…………….$7,072 per student
              4. Watertown………..$7,058 per student
              5,Pierre………………..$6,687 per student
              6 Aberdeen………….$6,683 per student
              7.Brookings…………..$6,764 per student
              8.Spearfish……………$6,753 per student

  2. I just want to thank you folks for being respectful. If you disagree with my article I welcome you responses. Thank you, and thanks again Mr. Powers..

  3. “Being a Democrat in South Dakota has no significance now?” This from a candidate who used I, me or mine 24 times in 8 paragraphs? It’s quite clear who you’re aligned with, Ms. Volesky … the Vanity Party.

    1. Whatever Mr. Lansing. Talk to any true Democrat, and they will tell you the same thing. Truth hurts. And no, I am not aligned with the Republican Party. When defending yourself, sometimes you have to use the word, I.

    2. Mr Lansing, you must never have heard a Steve Hickey sermon? I saw a Twitter post that pointed out he referenced himself more than 70 times in ten minutes and God only twice.

  4. Tahj Mohall? I’d like to see that someday. I’m going to put it on my bucket list. Is that near the Taj Mahal? In Mitchell, wouldn’t it be the “Taj Cornhole”?

      1. Tara, I’m more of a Victory or BMW guy if I had the money. I hope all my biker friends enjoy the Black Hills responsibly.

    1. The Corn Palace is now called the Domeless Palace. Watch the KELO news tonight.

  5. Tara, you’ve already announced you’re not going win the election because the only people you believe to be your constituents are those that “aren’t registered to vote.” Telling people why they shouldn’t vote for you is not exactly a stellar strategy to win an election. If you really want to become a public servant for a school district, consider:
    1. Staying off the blogs.
    2. Release public information only after you have double and triple checked your sources and found them 100% factual.
    3. Strive to be humble.
    4. Attend at least 1 year of school board meetings before your next candidacy.

    1. I am Independent an will do what I need to do to get the true facts out to the people. PP is the one that posted this story, not me.

    2. Anon, thanks for the advice, but I rather be politically incorrect. I am not good at being someone I am not.

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