Gov. Kristi Noem’s Personal Cell Phone Hacked

Gov. Kristi Noem’s Personal Cell Phone Hacked

 PIERRE, S.D. – Following the leak of Governor Kristi Noem and her family’s personal Social Security numbers and other private information by the January 6th Committee, Governor Noem’s personal cell phone number has been hacked and used to make hoax calls. Governor Noem had no involvement in these calls.

“Callous mishandling of personal information has real world consequences,” saidGovernor Noem. “If you get such a phone call from my number, know that I had no involvement. I have urged both the United States Attorney General and multiple congressional committees to investigate the leaking of my family’s personal information, and I look forward to whatever resolution they can provide.”

The South Dakota Fusion Center has been notified of this breach.


6 thoughts on “Gov. Kristi Noem’s Personal Cell Phone Hacked”

  1. Join the crowd. If it is electronically involved, or social media involved it will be hacked. I have had my credit cards hacked on more than 4 occasions, you simply live the nightmare until it is resolved and that is a tiring act that I wish on no one.

    I do feel compassion for the Gov. on this, but anything can be hacked at anytime. All one can do is hope to resolve it with as little interruption in your life as possible. This will never be resolved until we go back to paper and no who we are giving information to, and then there is still no guarantee that it won’t fall into the wrong hands.

    There have been certain instances where I have refused to give classified information and have been denied certain things, but I don’t care. There is just no reason to run a calibrated risk if it is not absolute necessity.

  2. Maybe her phone was made in China and since she claims China is spying and using personal information, they gave her number to hackers HaHa. As is said “be careful what you ask for; you may just get it.

  3. I agree with Anonymous @ 2:49. Many, many of us have had our phone numbers spoofed. It happens. Was her Facebook hacked? Her TikTok? Is her Amazon showing unusual orders? Yeah, some bonehead congressional staffer apparently let her ssn be discoverable (maybe) but despite her constant grabbing for attention, it has nothing to do with this alleged “hack” of her personal phone.

  4. These pleas for attention are getting clinical. Does she need an intervention? A hobby that isn’t spoofed for recognition? A refocus on her faith might help.

  5. Is she really this dumb? Or is she hoping the people that read this are that dumb and don’t question it? This entire statement makes my head hurt. Technology illiterate morons all around.

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