Governor Kristi Noem makes statement on Twitter regarding impeachment results

From Twitter:

6 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem makes statement on Twitter regarding impeachment results”

    1. She has plenty to hide and jason had no problem uncovering it. That was the problem. He got in the way of her future plans. Shameful day for SD.

      1. He didn’t uncover anything. He was all talk. My goodness you could run down the list of threats. Billboards… nada… appraisal… nada, airplane… nada.

        The guy never delivered results. He talked a big game and Natvig talks a big game but when it comes to winning in the court room or pressing any charges they don’t do it and I almost wonder if it’s because they don’t know how. Maybe they shouldn’t be calling delegates talking about cases and ongoing investigations.

  1. Who do you think she’ll select to take over, Pat?

    I’m not entirely sure how that process works, either, if it’s simply an appointment or not.

    1. I am not Par but the Governor gets to appoint but the senate confirms. I don’t when they would do that but maybe if there is a special session regarding abortion

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