Governor Kristi Noem’s Weekly Column: A Celebration of Freedom

A Celebration of Freedom
By: Governor Kristi Noem  
July 5, 2024    

The Fourth of July has always been a special day to me. It’s our nation’s birthday, of course. But it’s also the day that my husband, Bryon, proposed.

On July 4th, 1991, I told a group of kiddos that I would haul them and their horses to the local parade. I picked up the kids, helped polish their horses, and led them through the parade route. By the end of the day, I was exhausted.

I wanted to clean up and a enjoy a night at home after my long day. However, Bryon insisted on taking me out to dinner and going on his grandpa’s boat to watch the fireworks.

I was cold and miserable on that boat. The fireworks began, and when I turned around, Bryon was on one knee. “Kristi, will you marry me?” he asked.

I was shocked and responded with the first thing that came to mind: “Did…you ask my dad?”

That day was certainly a day of celebration for Bryon and me! And the Fourth of July is a day for all Americans to celebrate. It’s a day that epitomizes Freedom and unity.

Nearly 250 years ago, our Founding Fathers took unprecedented action to declare independence from unwarranted British authority and a tyrannical king. They took on the strongest military in the world with nothing but personal muskets and rifles. And they gave us the greatest gift in human history – a Republic where the people rule.

Just as our forefathers worked tirelessly to create a better future, we too must continue to strive for liberty and uphold the values that make South Dakota and America great. On July 1st, several bills that I prioritized for the people of South Dakota this past legislative session finally became law!

One of these laws is crucial to protecting our state’s precious ag land. Agriculture is the backbone of South Dakota’s economy, but evil foreign governments are attempting to control land across our nation. But not in South Dakota – not on my watch. By safeguarding our land, we are preserving our heritage and securing our future.

I further recognize that our Freedom extends to all Americans. So, I signed a bill that clearly defines antisemitism and helps ensure the safety of Jewish people in our state. Antisemitism has no place in South Dakota, and this law sends a clear message that we stand united against antisemitic hate.

I am also proud of the efforts we have made to give individuals with criminal histories a second chance. It is crucial to provide individuals with the opportunity to rebuild their lives and support their families after serving their sentences.  People who are ready to reenter society will now be able to provide for their families and add value to our workforce.

Finally, our kids are the future. And our teachers are the ones we trust to help them achieve that future. We ensured that our teachers will receive adequate pay for the important work they do. We are empowering educators to inspire the next generation of citizens with the ideals of democracy and independence.

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday this Fourth of July, let us remember what America was founded on – Freedom. This session’s legislative successes are a testament to our commitment to making South Dakota a model for Freedom.

Freedom is something we cannot take for granted. It’s something we must fight to uphold. As Ben Franklin famously said after signing the Declaration of Independence on that fateful 4th of July almost 250 years ago, “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we will all hang separately.”

Let us, like our Founding Fathers, work together to secure a future for the next generation. Happy Fourth of July, South Dakota! God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America.


14 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem’s Weekly Column: A Celebration of Freedom”

  1. Weibel and Wackadoodle Associates wish to thank South Dakota Governor Noem for their Freedumb!

    1. Must be getting vetted for an ambassador posting to a country that views dogs as livestock. Gov. Rhoden here we come

      1. most nations view dogs as livestock

        it’s only Democrats who think dogs should have more rights than human babies

        1. That shows the disconnect of the argument you have. Only Democrats? I hope what you just stated is amplified.

          1. disconnect?
            have you seen any Republican women running around wearing shirts that say “shout your abortion?”

  2. Freedom. A term she threw around as a means to an end. Before cricket and Kim JU. Wonder what happens next? It’s tired and not for the locals. Please turn the page girl and do something for South Dakota.

    1. Anon @ 6:48 PM what do you have in mind? What do you think she should be doing for South Dakota?
      Personally I think she should be supporting our corn and ethanol producers by supporting the CO2 pipelines.

      1. You want her to support taking of private property for corporate profits and the use of energy tax credits

  3. She’s a setting sun.A one trick pony gone lame. She’s got just enough mumbo jumbo left to spew to get her out the door. The thrill is gone, Governor Noem, You’ve been living on a smile and a shoeshine, and when they stop smiling back, it’s an earthquake.See ya later.

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