Argus Leader suing Sioux Falls to claw back legal notices from Dakota Scout

The Argus Leader apparently does NOT like losing their taxpayer funded welfare, and has brought a lawsuit to try to claw back legal notice publication for the City of Sioux Falls, which they lost to competitor The Dakota Scout several weeks back:

On June 5, the City Council approved the Dakota Scout, a publication with a weekly printed newspaper founded by two former Argus Leader reporters and in operation since August 2022, to serve as the official newspaper of Sioux Falls for the purpose of publishing legal notices starting July 1. The council had two newspapers to choose from, with several councilors citing that cost savings and local ownership played a part in their decision to vote in favor of the Dakota Scout’s plan, though circulation and overall reach in the community is larger for the Argus Leader.


According to the Secretary of State’s website, the Dakota Scout filed its newspaper ownership and circulation statements June 26, meaning the earliest the weekly could obtain legal newspaper status is 2025.

Therefore, the Argus Leader argues the Dakota Scout does not qualify to publish the city’s legal notices at this time.

Read it all here.

Get your popcorn out.

Frankly, the legislature should require all official newspapers to be physically published in South Dakota to be honored with that status. But, we’ll see how this goes.

20 thoughts on “Argus Leader suing Sioux Falls to claw back legal notices from Dakota Scout”

  1. Looks like the city screwed up and there’s a paper trail to prove it. Should be a slam dunk case for AL.

    1. It’s hard to say the dakota scout really qualifies but it’s also hard to say that the argus does either. A site like Kelo or just a statewide website sponsored by the state should suffice in 2024.

  2. AL has an easy win, for now.

    If Dakota Scout wasn’t such a glorified tabloid run by a collection of misfits it’d be easier to support a locally operated outfit.

    1. Cut those young fellows trying to run a less witch-hunty newspaper a little slack. While that Sioux Falls “newspaper run from out-of-state” comes up for one last gurgling breath, the snarky boys over at the Dakota Scout place, who apparently can’t read the laws theirownselfs, will keep drinking free beer and biding their time until they take down their old mothership with a well-place kabong.

        1. Indeed. They smoke a lot of the Demon Weed there in the basement of that newspaper, in Sioux Falls, although they cut the snuff with a lot of sour grape, dried.

      1. Maybe they should hire an editor, because tweedle dumbs over there sure can’t hack it. Ellis writes about as scatter-brained as a hyperactive middle schooler, and Joe can only stealth edit so many inconsistencies with the AP stylebook before getting called out publicly.

  3. So even if the Argus wins this, they’re going to spend a bunch of money just have SF go right back to Dakota Scout the first day of 2025. And it won’t be hard for Dakota Scout to drag the case out until 2025. So this is most likely much ado about nothing.

    1. The District of Schools of Sioux Falls is also piling on that out-of-state newspaper, called the Argus. BuwahahaHAHAHA.

  4. The Dakota Scout is the mouthpiece for the crazies. Their selective reporting is comparable to the Citizens for Liberty scorecard.

    1. ? I don’t see that. From what I’ve seen their stories are pretty run of the mill, more what I would expect from an established local paper. Argus runs a couple local stories mingled with random crap from who knows what state.

      1. They get their tips from the loonies and don’t bother to check the facts before running with the stories

        1. Can you provide examples news articles of why you are butt hurt? If they do it so often, you should be able to line up a few fairly quickly.

  5. This is awesome – so glad that this happened.

    Argus is a weaponized outlet, like so many, that leaves so much on the table for South Dakotans.

    1. John you should be a regular contributor to the Dakota Scout and join their staff. You would fit right in with their team and content they publish. Seriously! Have you approached them?

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