June FEC Reports: SDGOP – $16.9k raised, $8k spent, $39.4k cash on hand. SDDP – $720k raised, $707k spent, $65k cash on hand

Now that I’m done traveling for a few weeks, I can get to a few things that I’ve been planning to touch on. First and foremost are the June FEC Reports from the two main political parties in the state. And they tell different tales.

First up is the June FEC report from the SDGOP:

June 2024 Sdgop Fec by Pat Powers on Scribd

The SDGOP has a couple of donations in to the federal account, from Katie Washnok for $1041.02 and Toby Doeden for $5000; I’m guessing for SDGOP convention sponsorships. Otherwise, there’s a significant void of donations going into the federal account. $6789.55 in direct funds including those two, and another $10,162.00 from what I’m guessing is the state account.  They spent $8057.23 during this period, which I’m guessing means bills have not come in from convention, or they rolled through the state account, leaving the SDGOP $39,473.88 to move into the fall.

Now, South Dakota Democrats:

June 2024 Sddp Fec by Pat Powers on Scribd

Democrats appear to be rolling some federal campaign donations through the account this month for people who have maxed out otherwise, including $10,000 from George Soros. The big total is $719,297.80 in total donations, with $707,041.89 back out the door. But, they got to grab a little bit of that cash on the way by for the privilege of parking it in their account. (Before you get your shorts in a twist, GOP does that too).

The total left over is $65,182.08 to put towards candidates and party building.

The big take away? Look at the number of pages in those reports. 12 versus 196.  And that mainly comes from the number of people donating.

Dems are boasting around 100 or so donations that came out of South Dakota. Maybe not all large amounts, but there are enough of them who are engaged, involved and donating. And the inter-party chaos that the GOP is suffering from right now is hardening the hearts and closing the wallets of people who want to fund party efforts.

Might not be a big deal on one report, but the cumulative effect is going to come back and bite someone in the tail eventually.

Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “June FEC Reports: SDGOP – $16.9k raised, $8k spent, $39.4k cash on hand. SDDP – $720k raised, $707k spent, $65k cash on hand”

  1. John Thune has a lot of money and is vying for Senate Leader position — plus he’s a really nice guy; so ‘No Worries’

  2. This appears to be the least amount of COH the SDGOP has had at this point in over 30 years. State Conventions have consequences.

    1. Just think if they would have followed that young Ms. Taffy’s ideas of making lunch and lodging free for all. It is always the most “conservative” who are the biggest free money grubbers and bleed organizations drier than a Popeye’s Chicken side biscuit at 8pm.

    1. They’ll do their usual song and dance whenever they deal with someone who agrees with them 80% of the time vs 100%.

      That is to call them RINO, try and primary them, and then to act so shocked and sanctimonious when people call them out on it.

      1. Anyone who they disagree with is called a Democrat, Communist or Marxist. Some have no idea what they are even talking about which places their lack of proper education on full display. Either they did terrible in school, never took the classes like US or World Government classes to learn the different types of governments, US or World History, or even economic or political systems. The other possibility is that they were homeschooled in a very sheltered and protected environment being fully indoctrinated living life in a bubble which is so far removed from the real world. That is a tragic disservice to those kids who grow up running as politically extreme candidates, who may get elected and drive horrible destructive and costly policies. We have these extremists in office in the legislature, county and city levels across the state. It will get worse unless voters realize these extremists are costing them money and opportunities.

        1. well, DO something about that or keep putting up with it. this is a constant complaint and i’d hope it would lead to something more than serving as sort of a mere hobo campfire for displaced republicans.

  3. These “conservatives” are a bunch of destructive freeloaders looking for lunch at no charge. Who wants to be associated with this whole collection of mixed nuts.

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