Hmm.. Curious. And here’s Max Sandlin again.

Watching the Sutton Gubernatorial announcement via streaming at the Argus Leader. The first speaker was Sutton’s wife… but the second is former Texas Congressman & Washington Lobbyist Max Sandlin, as he goes on about Sutton being a 5th Generation South Dakotan?

This comes after Max Sandlin being a speaker at the Democrat’s ill-fated McGovern Day Dinner.

Curious.  Are South Dakota Democrats that bad off that they have to import activists and party leaders from out of state now?

6 thoughts on “Hmm.. Curious. And here’s Max Sandlin again.”

  1. I’d like to see if the Argus drives to Pierre to film Jackley announcing or to Castlewood to film Noem?

    I’m assuming this is why Johnson drove from rapid, Mitchell and SF. Because the Argus wasn’t going to join him.

    I also don’t remember the Argus publishing his announcement anyway.

  2. Anonymous,

    Tabloids are different from newspapers. Tabloids report on Barbara Striesands dog dying, alien spaceships, and Don Quixote’s tilting at windmills.

  3. That’s because Jackley and Noem didn’t have announcement “events”; they simply put out statements and raced ahead in order to utilize their cash from other campaigns.

    1. Didn’t Dusty announce? I did not see an Argus article after his SF event even though Ferguson was there tweeting.

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