34 thoughts on “Hospitalizations for COVID continue to creep upwards…”

  1. Statewide the numbers have been a little more stable, according to Department of Health:

    9/1 229
    9/2 218
    9/3 230
    9/7 230 (three day weekend with no data)
    9/8 210
    9/9 207
    9/10 203
    9/13 197
    9/14 215

    Last year SD’s hospitalizations peaked on 11/10/20 at 607 so hopefully we don’t see another big spike like that.

  2. It’s not the “China Virus” anymore.

    I believe that SDSU recently polled registered voters in South Dakota and found that about 90 percent of Democrats were vaccinated but only around 50 percent of Republicans. We are the problem.

    OK. I will just say it. I think it’s fair to call it the… Republican Virus… now.

      1. Polls showed her winning the popular vote. She did but by a smaller margin. Whether or not you think so.

        1. We were also told the virus would disappear as soon as the Dems and Biden took control of things. Also, hydroxycloroquine would cure this, the national stockpile will save us.

          1. And the poll was based on the popular vote, but don’t let those facts get in the way of your cognitive dissonance. The poll was really accurate to the actual results.

    1. I’d love to see that poll. Just when you extrapolate the low vaccinations on the reservations, it is a lie.

      Oh yeah, I see the author.

        1. Democrats who think it should be legal for abortionists to become multimillionaires by preying on scared young women and teenage girls and murdering their children in their wombs probably think there’s nothing wrong with lying to pollsters.

          1. That’s a completely speculative statement you concocted in your head and there is no meaningful way to respond to it.

    2. It is the Wuhan China Virus despite your attempt to politicize it. The Democrat Virus (primary symptons-gross stupidity, hatred for America, incessant whining, hypocrisy) is ever present and is ruining the country, so can we come up with a vaccine for that?

      1. I am the one suggesting that you follow medical advice and scientific reasoning. The opposite of “politicizing” the issue.

        They may or may not find that it originated in a lab in China. But there is no dispute that the problem NOW is us (Republicans).

        Half of us are refusing to do what the overwhelming majority of medical professionals tell us to do. That is gross stupidity. And you are right about one thing… there is no vaccine for stupidity.

  3. Predictions were that the vaccinations would be the cause of hospitalization and death.

    Do we have an independent source to validate the efficacy and accuracy of the tests and corresponding data?

    Has anyone verified that these hospitalizations have occurred? Preferably, independent media.

  4. Elk, if you extrapolate the polls numbers and party registration, we have 55% of the population vaccinated. But we are at 63%. There is something wrong with the metholodogy in the poll or distribution of demographics.

    Besides the low vaccination rates on the reservations makes me doubt the 87%, the high vaccination rates of people over 60 makes me doubt the 46%.

    I only believe polls which give me the questions and the methodology.

    That said, we need more people to get vaccinated and the continued use of half truths, untruths, and coercion will not get people vaccinated.

  5. What number had natural immunity but were hospitalized?
    Show studies detailing the comparison between natural immunity and the jab.
    Are they still counting the double jab as the only ones that are fully vaccinated?
    Give the poll questions

    1. The Democrats/Socialists/Marxists/Communists don’t want to look into natural immunity as it doesn’t allow them to push their centralized, dictatorial government goal.

      Why is it that Democrats hate freedom so much?

      1. Natural Immunity? If Republicans are so dead set on that, then why did Trump fast track the creation of a vaccine?

        You don’t even understand half of the words you are repeating.

  6. Interesting article at GWP.
    COVID Whistleblower: Doctors about to QUIT, Pressured to Vax themselves, Pressured to LIE
    By Ben Wetmore
    Published September 15, 2021 at 8:45am
    An excerpt:
    “We are being pressured to vaccinate, and we see the large number of Vaccine complications in our ICU’s and ER’s that are going unreported. Doctors are afraid to report all of these vaccine complications even though we are clearly seeing them,” said Dr. Mollie James, an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Doctor in New York City. “The serious risks of complications are coming from those with natural immunity who then receive the vaccine or boosters, and frontline doctors and nurses have natural immunity after a year of fighting COVID and being exposed. These vaccine complication risks coming from an unwise mandate are serious, and include increased risks of stroke, heart attack, and death.”

    It is one thing when you have resistance from the great unwashed, but when people in the medical community are having misgivings, it makes me wonder if there is something to the problems being experienced.

    1. More propaganda and misinformation. Please, don’t get the shot. We need to keep reducing Republican voting numbers and there is no better way than having Republicans kill each other with their misinformation.

      1. I do not see how you can call this propaganda or misinformation. Please point out what is false. Maybe you are saying Dr. James is lying. As for me getting the shot, whether I do, or have had it, the fact of the matter is this is a virus that approximately 99.8% of the people who get the china flu, recover from it. I am not standing in your way to get the shot.
        The person who is quoted in the article is an MD. She points out there are complications for people who have had the china flu getting the shot. It also seems that if you have had the china flu, you probably don’t need the shot. We have studies in Israel showing that. We also have evidence people who have had the shot can still get the china flu. In some areas the number of people catching it is actually higher than the number of people who have had no shot.
        I believe it is important to look at all of the evidence. Then each person should make his/her decision based upon what seems right.

  7. There is growing evidence that the vaccine has significant benefits with regard to severity of infection, hospitalization, and death in addition to whether one even gets infected, especially to at risk people, which dwarfs the risks of the vaccine. The net benefit could be 10-15 times as compared to being unvaccinated and exposed to Covid.

    And, there is growing evidence that natural immunity is both more robust and longer lasting than vaccinated immunity (20-30 times as compared to being unvaccinated). However, if you are a person of with a comorbidity (i.e. overweight, older, diabetes, immune compromised etc.), the risk to yourself to get the benefits of natural immunity are irrational, especially when it looks like you can get natural immunity if you have a breakthrough case.

    And, when you consider the last sentence above, being vaccinated makes you less risky to others (some of whom for religious or medical reasons can’t be vaccinated or are immune compromised where the vaccine may be of marginal effectiveness), there is merit to consider forgoing what MAY be best for you (taking the risk of natural immunity) for the greater good.

    In short, we need to be more honest of all the facts and not be selective to manipulate people to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated. Truth long-term ultimately gets greater participation. And, we need an engender an environment where people respond altruistically (which will not be done when they are being coerced and lied to).

    1. However, if you are a person of with a comorbidity (i.e. overweight, older, diabetes, immune compromised etc.), the risk to yourself to get the benefits of natural immunity are irrational, especially when it looks like you can get natural immunity if you have a breakthrough case.

      So, instead of encouraging obese people to exercise, eat healthy and take control of their health, you say go get the shot. Maybe we could mandate a health plan for the obese? That could help keep them from filling up our hospitals and save the tax payers $$… what do you think?

  8. Not quite sure why anyone’s excited or upset by the Sanford numbers. After the first go-round of infections, viruses mutate to survive, then they go after those left in the population they didn’t get the first time, including the unvaccinated. Almost always the mutated virus is less lethal than it’s earlier version. This is a good thing.

    One other point: Many of the hospitalizations at this time are for observation, to see how the mutated virus behaves. These aren’t terribly sick people. As for those on ventilators, that’s a mystery, as that form of treatment was shown to be detrimental early on.

    1. They are delaying ventilators until absolutely necessary so those individuals have gotten to the point that they can no longer stay conscious and breathe on their own.

      1. Thank you. And this cohort is almost certainly the feeble elderly and those already health-compromised, and usually they’re over 70. Heck, the average age for covid deaths is over 80. No way are children getting seriously sick.

          1. Umm, the only goalposts moved have been the CDC’s doing, with its egregious report on children hospitalizations and the unquestioning, credulous press doing its usual toady work. Gotta keep the terror dial up to 11.

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