Hubbel to make it official on July 7th. Suggestions on venue?

From Twitter:

Any suggestions?  I won’t be there, as it’s the Brookings Arts festival, and my little sister is going to be in town from Denver with her kids.

I was going to suggest a location in SESD…. but that one is too easy.   How about the Sioux Falls Airport? That way she can talk about both the pre-jihad she say is is taking place there, as well as jet contrails.

Most likely, she’s going to end up at the Sioux Falls Library.


20 thoughts on “Hubbel to make it official on July 7th. Suggestions on venue?”

  1. The state has a facility just north of Yankton which I think would be ideal….the state hospital.

  2. Falls Park in Sioux Falls. This can symbolize how her campaign is going over the edge.

  3. Any official safe zone will do, as the press in SD will simply let het blather and not ask a single question that will make her defend her ridiculous fantasies with a fact or two.

    1. The Muslim Brotherhood’s civilizational Jihad in Sioux Falls is not a fantasy. Technically it is beyond a pre-Jihad.

  4. Tara, You had better let Lora know she better watch her six. July 7th the SDGOP black ops division will be activated and their ninjas are sneaky. 🙂

  5. On a horse, at a wind farm. If you’re going to go tilting at windmills, do it up right

  6. I didn’t know the constitution party met anywhere….or is she back to running as a Republican….hard to keep up…or is it an independent?

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