Just another photo from convention. Kristi Noem gives nominating speech for Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden

This was the mic drop moment for the GOP Convention yesterday, when Governor Kristi Noem herself came and gave the nominating speech for Lt. Governor.

(Of course, Taffy Howard, in another example of the misery she must have inflicted on her legislative colleagues during her tenure in Pierre, complained about it to no avail.)

16 thoughts on “Just another photo from convention. Kristi Noem gives nominating speech for Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden”

  1. Thanks for identifying who that was. Those of us in the back couldn’t tell who was making that challenge. She is horrible.

    1. People who were distressed that discussion of the platform was cut short, because the room had to be cleared to make room for the catering staff, should understand that if Taffy hadn’t wasted time debating the resolutions about the Chairman’s leadership and the top of the party ticket, we wouldn’t have run out of time. She also delayed the starts of the other committees by wasting so much time arguing about the rules.
      The people in her district need to be made aware of her endless attention-seeking when she represented them, whether in the legislature or the party, and not elect her to anything ever again.

      1. Taffy attended the rules committee report and read all the rules. Rule #3 was on the front page. She didn’t challenge that one on Thursday, although she could have.

      1. I seriously think she thought she could be the next MTG. She doesn’t come close. I know she ‘thinks’ she does but she does not.

        1. Overheard at the convention: The party is Johnny Depp, Taffy is Amber Heard, and we just walked into the bedroom.

      2. Posting unbecoming photos suggests you can’t win on substance.

        The disrespect directed toward a growing body of concerned SD citizens is fueling the trend line.

        So thanks, I guess.

        1. Grudznik asked for a photo, and PP provided one of her wearing a sleeveless dress. That’s what Grudznik likes, so what’s your problem? We all know Taffy is beautifuller than most.

        2. John Dale, those concerned citizens need to understand that there are time limits and a schedule involved at a convention. On Thursday, all the grandstanding and complaining caused the rules committee to go over time, which pushed back the starts of the other committees.
          In platform, Taffy brought up one thing after another, and then another delegate wanted to know why we were so concerned about the time, like they could have done this all night long, oblivious to the fact that other events were on the schedule. The schedule was printed on the back of all the passes. We had other places to go and all anybody had to do was flip their pass over and read what they were. What is so hard about that?
          On Friday the discussion of two resolutions seemed interminably long. If you don’t like a resolution you can just vote Nay when the question is called, but instead, Taffy led a parade of disgruntled delegates who just wanted to complain on and on and on. They wasted so much time complaining about the chairman and the top of the ticket that we didn’t have sufficient time left to discuss all of the platform. We had to get out of there so the staff could set up for the banquet. Somebody asked if we could continue to discuss the platform in the morning. Hell no.

          A lot of the delegates were first-timers, but you would think they could read the schedule. It’s interesting that the people who seemed least capable of adhering to the schedule were the ones complaining the most about politicians not adhering to the platform.
          When Taffy tried to bog things down on Saturday by questioning if the rules allowed the governor to give a nominating speech, most of us had seen enough. She wasted everybody’s time.

  2. On a positive note, when Taffy stands to speak, it gives delegates a chance to go to the restroom, because nobody cares what she has to say. Legislators have known that for years. I am thinking Taffy has decided Lora Hubble can no longer carry the crazy torch, so she has picked it up.

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