SDGOP Releases weighted vote totals in Lt Gov, Ag and SOS nomination contests

In case you were wondering how the county delegations voted at the election, the Republican Party has released the votes by county in yesterday’s convention nominating elections.

First up, Steve Haugaard versus Larry Rhoden for Lt. Governor:

David Natvig versus Marty Jackley for Attorney General:

and Monae Johnson versus Steve Barnett for Secretary of State:

24 thoughts on “SDGOP Releases weighted vote totals in Lt Gov, Ag and SOS nomination contests”

  1. On the table concerning Lt gov. the Brookings Co “total present” number (38) is incorrect, should be 29 (29 but with 1 absention), causing the weighted vote totals to be wrong.
    Wouldn’t have changed the outcome but an unfortunate mistake.

    1. Each delegate from Brookings County had 180.17 votes. The delegate who abstained from voting for LG threw away 180.17 votes. That’s worse.

  2. Very interesting reading the tea leaves and where Steve lost compared to the other 2 establishment candidates Jackley and Rhoden

      1. Ann, resolutions subject to a couple grammatical/punctuation corrections are up, and awaiting final copy on platform. I’m told they will hopefully will be up yet today. After convention, people scatter to the wind, and it has to be the official copy from the party Secretary.

  3. To all of the delegates who told Barnett, Jackley, and Rhoden that you would support them and didn’t: we, the true Republicans, know who you are. We will make sure that you are never again allowed to win your delegate spot. Be prepared for opposition at every turn in your political career. By God, we will not allow you Tea Party wackadoodles to overrun our GOP any longer.

    1. The real issue, TR, is that the establishment Republicans do not properly represent rank and file Republicans state wide. The results on Amendments A and C made that abundantly clear.

      Until the party addresses that you can count on more insurrection.

      1. The fact that Rhoden lost bigly in Minnehaha when Noem clobbered Haugaard is enough proof that many disrupter delegates are out of step with the rank and file Republicans.

        Lies and deceptions almost upended the entire convention but that won’t happen again. It’s one thing to go and support your candidate(s) of choice but when you go in with the mission to just turn the place upside you don’t belong there. If that’s your motivation then say that loud and proud when you run to be a delegate next time.

    2. Good points, BUT you need to research back to the start as to the Cause(s) of the friction in the first place.

  4. Primary and convention challenges tend to invigorate the party. (Best example: Reagan’s first two runs for president.) But I’m scratching my head about events in Watertown, as anti-establishment Republican delegates succeeded in firing Steve Barnett — a fine SOS — after nearly rejecting Marty Jackley for AG and Larry Rhoden to continue as LG.

    The best I can make of it is that these challenges were a way to get back at Gov. Noem, a truly counterproductive strategy in both the short and long runs. Can anyone provide light why so many conservatives would choose such an un-conservative path?

    1. Because the true RINOs are spinning lies left and right about Noem trying desperately to shut down the state while the legislature only are the ones who kept it open. There are plenty more lies I’ve heard directly. Young people. They get told and they believe. Well, even older ones actually. The LG challenge was for two reasons. 1) poke the governor in the eye (at least try to) and 2) Haugaard wants the limelight so badly, he’s frothing at the mouth. He’s a very boring attention getter (try to getter, that is).

      The AG and SOS races were just anti-establishment but I think there was more personal vendetta going on in the SOS race. Both had swirl amongst the newly recruited Minnehaha delegates (presumably Yankton also) based on lies. Heard those also. They do not know the consequences of their actions.

  5. I think a couple things can be right here at the same time. I was a delegate, I personally talked with each candidate, except Haugaard. I voted for Jackley, Johnson, and Rhoden.

    Here’s why, Jackley knows the office, and frankly Natvig is an uncomfortable candidate, with a lot of baggage, Jackley isn’t a saint but honestly untill Laura Kaiser started cutting ads for Noem, Jackley would be our Governor.

    Johnson. I personally think Barnett is the epitome of caterer entitled beuracrat. He’s been in state government for 12 years and Thunes office before that and not really a long list of changes or accomplishments. His nomination speech sounded like he was running for Congress, the delegates saw through that. I often wonder if he would have even been in the SOS if anyone would have challenged him 4 years ago instead he got a free pass and now a pink slip.

    Rhoden. I personally have issues with Noem and Rhoden, I’m probably one of those wacadoodle Republicans, but we can’t have a Governor snd LT that hate each other. Furthermore we can’t have someone who lost 3’weeks ago, try er again for the next office down. I’m sure Haugaard and I get along consistently on issues but this isn’t a good look for the party. Which is the most important thing here.

    So that brings me to my overall point, we can support “establishment” and the new guys and any combination in between. The”establishment” needs to change, that very apparent, our state is getting more conservative and any future leader that stands up and is proud for that will rise. However, the wackadoodles need to realize there’s battles to pick and bite your tongue and let go. This is the only downside of having so many new people at convention is the blinders go on snd all we care about is what happens in that room and not how it looks once we leave or this fall.

    1. Jackley has more baggage than Samsonite
      Why did Laura run ads…because Jackley and his crew were found to be responsible for retaliation and for $1.5M. They the check was delayed. Thus I will never support Jackley for any office.

      I agree..Barnett seemed checked out his whole term and the legislature has rejected online voters registration.

      I agree that the governor should get their pick, but I like the convention ratifying the pick if something went wrong. Haugaard I agree should not have run.

      Natvig, Johnson, Rhoden

    2. Very good perspective. Now if you can share your common sense far and wide with the other wackadoodles, that might have some impact. Thank you for being so mindful and broad thinking.

  6. Too easy.

    A little effort goes a long way, it seems. With the help of a couple dozen friends, Minnehaha County can quite easily be used to flip the wishes of the entire state. Under the current system, they can swing ten or fifteen thousand votes and potentially install anyone they wish.

    As some have mentioned, this is no way to run a political party.

    1. Yes yes yes. Way too easy. And it tends to be the wackadoodles that have more time and motivation. The rest of us are busy with work and kids and other things we enjoy doing. The wackadoos think they represent the typical Republican because the only people they talk with are the people just like them. So we get Sioux Falls stacked with 70% Haugaard supporters. So in four years what happens? Haugaard runs for AG and if he does what Ravnsborg did and campaigns for two years, he easily wins convention. All the other good attorneys who might consider running have good full time jobs. We’ve had many decades of good AG’s in this state but Ravnsborg showed us how the future might look if we allow a few people to stack the convention. Natvig almost won and he was running as an after thought. I don’t disagree that Jackey has some baggage but Natvig shouldn’t have even been considered – and Ravnsborg four years earlier had less experience and competence than any AG in at least 45 years… and it showed.

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