KELO Radio updates column, confirms Hubbel running as Independent in 2022 Gubernatorial Contest.

KELO Radio updated their earlier story today, and confirmed with the candidate that Lora Hubbel intends to run for Governor as an Independent candidate.

What does this mean? According to the Secretary of State, with Hubbel running as an Independent, that means she will have to collect 3,393 signatures (1% of the total vote for governor in 2018 – 339,214).

I’m a little skeptical whether she’s going to go out and do the work. But, we’ll see.

5 thoughts on “KELO Radio updates column, confirms Hubbel running as Independent in 2022 Gubernatorial Contest.”

    1. There is now a market for clothing infused with Faraday properties.

      Even underwear.

      Metal underwear.

      Short tin foil if you want. I think it makes for terrible dinnerware.

      Winter is coming.

      Lee – I’d like to see a copy of the state’s insurance policy against damage from installation of wireless devices (AM/FM, Wifi, other). How much does the policy cover? I have linked below a safety study for baby cribs. Just a dumb rabble-rouser, here. Enlighten me, please? How did we get this stuff insured?

      Also, I found this page about safety standards for infant cribs. I put “5G safety study” in the search box, but nothing came-up. But, maybe this Internet thing is just throwing me. Can you help me find the credible independent safety studies around wireless technology being proposed for “rural broadband”?

      Why are cribs so important when wireless energy is real and it is being pushed through our homes and bodies without our informed consent as to the possible dangers of exposure to wireless radiation?

      But those cribs, tho:

  1. The complete whiff in consumer protection from wireless danger reminds me of the FEC’s inability to provide assurance at the ballot box. But thankfully everybody had disclaimers on their signs and fliers.

    Great disclaimers, tho.

    -golf clap-

  2. Hubbel – Dale 2022 would be like watching a Jesse Ventura conspiracy TeeVee show. Campaign team and supporters would include Stranahan, Volesky, Kurtz, Lansing, Bosworth, Haber and others.

    Gravy & taters buffet served during the program.

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