Guest Column: Build Back Better?  Better Add Hyde!!!

Build Back Better?  Better Add Hyde!!!
By Dale Bartscher, Executive Director, South Dakota Right to Life

South Dakota Right to Life condemns the passage of President Biden’s “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill that was pushed through the House Friday, November 19, as part of Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.

The House of Representatives passed the “Build Back Better” spending bill in a vote of 220 to 213 with no Republican support.

Despite overwhelming taxpayer opposition to paying for abortions, the Democrats’ spending spree deliberately excludes Hyde Amendment protections with the goal of expanding abortion on demand paid for by your tax dollars.

We thank US Representative Dusty Johnson for his pro-life values and for voting to defeat this bill on the floor of the House.  Shortly after the House Vote he wrote: “I voted no on this legislation.  If made permanent, this spending bill will skyrocket the deficit by $2.5 trillion more every decade …. Additionally, this bill fails to include the long-standing pro-life protections from the Hyde Amendment.”

Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee stated, “Abortion is not healthcare and, until this Congress, the Hyde Amendment enjoyed 45 years of bipartisan support.  The Hyde Amendment is widely recognized as having a significant impact on the number of abortions in the United States saving an estimated 2.4 million American lives. Yet, today, the Hyde Amendment is being targeted at every turn by pro-abortion Democrats.”

President Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending spree would:

  • Mandate abortion funding in Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) plans in 2024 in states that have not expanded Medicaid.
  • Fund abortions via reinsurance payments and cost-sharing funding to states.
  • Extend the Obamacare expansion from the Covid-19 American Rescue Plan Act. This would further subsidize Obamacare exchange plans that cover abortion and subsidize millions of individuals’ taxpayer-funded plans that cover abortion on demand.
  • Direct billions of dollars to various public health grants without Hyde Amendment protections.

We respectfully urge US Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds to defeat this massive bill as passed by the house. If this bill should happen to see the light of day, it must include the Hyde Amendment which stops taxpayer funding of abortion and has saved millions of American lives.

10 thoughts on “Guest Column: Build Back Better?  Better Add Hyde!!!”

  1. The idea of accepting life at conception will never be a widely accepted definition. If you were truly interested in reducing abortions, you would support education and contraception. However, because some churches view is that contraception is also abortion (not sure how scientifically), and education is bad and we can only teach abstinence, we are left with a lose-lose situation. I would support a candidate who wants to reduce abortion, more than one that wants to ban abortion without a plan. We need more than just a desire to have an autocratic hold on the country to somehow conform to your religious beliefs.

    1. Abortion is murder and murder is not a religious belief–it is a crime whether you are religious or not.

      1. rm, how many people are sitting on death row or spending life in prison for giving or getting an abortion?

  2. You make a false statement when you say the majority objects to funding of abortions without providing proof.
    Typical politician statement trying to present false information as fact.

  3. Pretty sure, given that majority of the public takes a jaundiced towards government spending, spending it on elective abortions is probably right there with passing gas in church for public acceptance. Thank you Dale

  4. At conception a unique human life is created. That’s not an idea, it’s a fact. Whether or not that fact is “widely accepted” is not relevant to the issue at hand here, the public funding of elective abortion (pronounced murder) of that unique human life.
    How does public funding of elective abortion build anything, back or forward, but the continued devaluation of human life?

    1. Ed, while I hate how sychophanticly supportive you are of Kristi, I do respect your ability and willingness to boldly stand on behalf of unborn babies. Thank you.

  5. I want to thank Dale Bartscher, Executive Director, South Dakota Right to Life
    for speaking out for those who can not.

    1. Why did you feel the need to spell out his title? Anyone reading this article knows who he is.

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