4 thoughts on “Mark Mickelson speaking at Beadle Co Lincoln Day Dinner”

  1. Unless the image has been reversed, the American Flag is on the wrong side.


  2. Dustin,

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought though this only applied if there were two flags. We can’t see if there is another flag on the other side. But, in either case, good catch.

    Since you noticed it, can you confirm how it came to be for the flag to be on the right. I heard it goes back to feudal England when the King became supreme vs. the family fiefdoms.

  3. No second flag that I remember. (I’m in the light blue shirt partially hidden by the gentleman in the dark blue to the right.)

    Mickelson gave a folksy talk. His main comment was the need for more value-added ag industry to keep our produce closer to home and create jobs.

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