Michael Clark: My Run for The South Dakota House Update #1

In Saturday’s mail I received what I assume to first of many candidate mailings

This one was from the Secretary of State
There was also note telling me to file a Statement of Organization within 15 days of the filing of my petition.

I was okay until I came to this:

I do so many….

-Internet and Video Technician
-Sales person
-Social Media Manager
-Master Control Operator

Some how, I don’t think I can include this entire list.

9 thoughts on “Michael Clark: My Run for The South Dakota House Update #1”

      1. What you wrote over a year ago I’d your opinion. Most of what is written on a blog is one’s opinion. That does not make one a journalist.

        1. Whether one is journalist or not is well, an opinion.

          So, let’s enjoy the opinions!

  1. You would be better served knocking on doors and making your case to the voters in your district.

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