Michael Clark: My Run for The South Dakota House Update #4 “You are Invited…”

One of the benefits of being a candidate is the number of ‘VIP’ invitations received. Sometimes these invitations include some kind of meal.

Pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans in a tomato sauce, dinner roll and coleslaw
Baked beans, pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad and a biscuit
Corn bread, smoked pulled pork, Boston Baked Beans and macaroni salad
Barbecued pulled pork sandwiches, Baked Beans, fruit salad and ice cream.

And of course a choice of beverages of water, coffee, or some kind of juice.

While I enjoy the meal they would have guests listen to their pitch about issues that concerns them. On rare occasions (two) they will even ask me to speak.

I’m also finding the term ‘V.I.P.’ to be quite nebulous. As I understand the term, it is supposed to provide some kind of separation from the common people, and they are accorded some kind of special access. In some cases I’m finding the term means, a special ‘VIP’ name badge, not much else. Other times it means the ‘spotlight’ will be put on the person at some point to be recognized. A little disconcerting if you are unaware it is coming, and you have a mouth full of pulled pork.

There is also the question of what invitations do I accept? Do I attend a Sioux Falls Free Thinkers meeting? Or a VIP tour of the LifeScape facility?  Each of these are opportunities to meet people.

Back on the trail and line up for another helping of pulled pork and beans.

One thought on “Michael Clark: My Run for The South Dakota House Update #4 “You are Invited…””

  1. I’d offer that I think a visit to Lifescape is pretty important, as they serve a significant population of adults and children with disabilities, and that means both federal and state tax dollars going into that organization.

    You should see what they do, because many don’t realize how difficult, intense, and one-on-one with clients that the work is.

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