Michael Clark: My time in office- Week #2

Wow! What a week it has been!

Last week I mentioned it was like the first days of high school.  That was a pretty close description,  like in High School, the first few days was filled with laying the ground work for the real work, that started this past week. Most of the agency bills are being worked. Legislators are working to get their bills into the hopper, so far 124 bills have introduced. That is down from last year where 134 bills were introduced.

We had picture day!  That mean everyone has new pictures on the LRC web site now.  I know, I don’t have my hat on.  We were inside, and I try to follow proper hat etiquette, especially at the capitol.

It has been suggested that at least once a week I walk around the building, and walk up the front steps, and use the front entrance, and again leave the same way.  At first, I thought this was foolish, silly idea.  Then I did it; I found the experience quite humbling.  A reminder why I am there. I plan to continue the practice.

This past week I must have angered the technology gods in some way.  With every incoming call to my cell phone, my battery drained, and the phone rebooted, several times.  I ordered a replacement phone and it would be delivered by week’s end. Meanwhile, I have had to rely on messenger and Google Voice.  I avoided giving my cell number out, until I can get a new phone on-line which for some reason is much harder than it should be.  In addition to that one of my tablets decided to reset to factory defaults.  I don’t keep any files on my tablets, however, it is bit of a pain to restore everything.  Hopefully I can have everything back to ‘normal’ this weekend.  Thank goodness I make back-ups of everything.

Along those same lines, every technologist knows that static electricity is an enemy to almost all of today’s technology.  For some reason there is a lot of it on the house floor.  It seems every time I walk on to a the floor I am getting shocked or shocking someone.

The social calendar is full!  Sometimes we have four or five events in a night.  Some of those parking lots can get to bit tricky to get around in, with all the SUV’s, snow piles and ice.  I have opted to drive our older GMC pick in Pierre.  It is not going to win any beauty contest, however   It is smaller to get around, and If someone dings it, I’m not going to lose any sleep.

Some of the bills I’m working on right now:

Apparently there is a number of uninsured drivers on the road.  I have been asked to develop a bill to address this issue. I have heard form several law enforcement agencies and tow truck companies about this issue. I know bills like this have failed in the past, maybe it is time to have a second look.

I have also heard from E-cigarette users they would like a list of the ingredients of what is in the E-juice, which seems reasonable. However the FDA is involved in a federal lawsuit over this issue.   I may have to put this bill on the back burner until that is resolved, maybe

This weekend has gone by like a blur. Week three is coming up, things are really going to heat up.

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  1. Mike, sounds like a perfect first week- absorbing and listening instead of talking. One learns more with their mouth shut and ears open. This will serve you well in just a few weeks where things start popping. Keep up the good work.

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