Mike Huether vanity ads for Sioux Falls web site criticized as big campaign ads

From ArgusLeader.com, it isn’t being missed that Mayor Mike Huether is likely to be campaigning for higher office at some point in the future. And many people think he’s already doing it at taxpayer expense:

“It looks like somebody’s campaign ad,” said Councilor Michelle Erpenbach, who voted in favor of funding the website Tuesday but criticized the ads promoting it.


“My first reaction (to the ads) is ‘Really?’ We have somebody who probably has other political aspirations having billboards all over our community when we could (use) somebody … who needs to hire people,” she told the council ahead of its Tuesday night approval of a $39,000 web maintenance contract for SiouxFallsHasJobs.com.

Aside from business owners, millennials and immigrants could serve the website better than using images of the mayor, she said.

“I don’t want my taxpayer dollars spent on promoting one person,” Riter said. “I want them to promote, really, our community and what we are trying to do with jobs.”

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11 thoughts on “Mike Huether vanity ads for Sioux Falls web site criticized as big campaign ads”

  1. That’s even more damning coming from Erpenbach (as opposed to Jamison or Staggers). Erp is a fellow Dem and possible choice for successor.

  2. PP,
    How about the fact that Huether was in Yankton all day yesterday? Did a radio hit, spoke at 1 Million Cups, and spoke to the school. Looks like the Dem side has also already started for the 2018 Gov’s race.

      1. I hope that’s not a real question. Huether is a huge Dem. Some Dems just don’t like to claim him.

        1. He seems like the worst of any party. It’s almost as if being an opportunist he could easily slip into either party and end up being a huge liability and cause some serious damage to the efforts of others within that party.

    1. I heard about those Mars ads but haven’t seen/heard them yet. I’m not looking forward to it.

      That being said, anybody who doesn’t think Heuther has a huge ego is either fooling themselves or has blinders on because they support his regime. I really don’t think we need Mikey as governor or representing the State in D.C..

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