Minnehaha GOP holds elections, elects strong slate to lead county’s efforts.

The Minnehaha County GOP elected officers last night, and it sounds like they’re once again returning a strong slate to run Republican afffairs in the state’s largest county.  Elected were…

Chair: Dave Roetman
Vice-chair: Elizabeth Reiss
Secretary: Dane Bloch
Treasurer: Tony Reiss
Committeeman: Hal Wick
Committeewoman: Nancy Neff

My correspondent tells me that the Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer all were unopposedm abd that the board represents a fairly good cross-section of Minnehaha county and the Republicans that live there. A number of them have a strong grassroots and campaign past.   I’m also told that the committeeman race was suspected to be between Gary Dykstra and TJ Nelson. There was a bit of surprise nomination of Hal Wick from the floor which turned the committeeman race into a three-way race.

A great team in Minnehaha County to lead us through the 2016 elections!

18 thoughts on “Minnehaha GOP holds elections, elects strong slate to lead county’s efforts.”

  1. Tony Reiss has worked political jobs for Mike Huether so good job letting the fox (Rino) into the hen house.

    1. The company Tony Reiss’ works for ran the Event Center campaign. I don’t think that association disqualifies him as a Republican. Anyone who knows Tony knows he’s a rock-solid Republican. And look at his other work history, it’s full of GOP initiatives.

  2. How long do we have to be hog-tied by GOP threats that we MUST vote for the RINO CArtel? (Ok,,but what else do you call a group of people who have an iron clasp control on WHO gets to be candidates?) They even un-elected me when I did everything according to rules and regs..they had to make up a retroactive rule to kick me out of my Committee Woman post that I won by 75%. Is THAT the kind of people you want to bow to? Why not call them out and demand honesty? Plus no one from the GOP has EVER even talked to me about all my research on how they are implementing progressive policies….they just try to cut me down. Fine…but pretty soon they will do that to EVERY Christian Conservative candidate in the Republican party…even O’Reilly said that on his show tonight…Christians are blacklisted from the Republican Party.

    1. Lora –

      You kicked yourself out by running as an independent against the Republicans in the race. So, why would you expect to be able to make decisions about how the party spends it’s money, and it’s strategies?

      Sounds to me like you want to have your cake, and eat it too. And that’s more like a Liberal Democrat’s ideology than a Republican’s.

    2. Ms. Hubbel once again showing that keen sense of self awareness we’ve all come to love and respect. Yup, it’s about you being a christian, Lora. It’s not about you being you.

  3. Nobody is forcing anybody to vote for RINOs, cartels, or anybody else.

    Nobody is forcing anybody to publicly support a candidate if they don’t want to.

    Nobody is preventing anybody from running for office as an independent candidate.

    And nobody is forcing a county political party to put up with an officer who has never missed an opportunity to publicly trash the entire slate of duly-nominated candidates.

  4. Dane and Hal are solid choices, Dave does have good organizational skills but I find to be untrust worthy and the others we shall see.

    1. An anonymous smear is untrustworthy. I have known Dave Roetman since 1993. He is a good man from an honorable family.

      1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Not trusting an anonymous smear is your choice. Your choice. Your. Choice.

  5. Hal has such great balance, like Schoenbeck. For the last 35 years, he is in politics, gets out, comes back, gets out. He doesn’t need it and doesn’t do it for his ego. Just wants to contribute where he can.

  6. The term RINO has just about totally lost every and any meaning it had. I guess it’s up to Mark Levin to invent a new term everyone can use.

  7. So if you support conservative positions such as pro-life, 2nd Amendment, actually limiting government, actually limiting government spending, actual term limits, the death penalty, etc., (like all the RINO candidates do to get elected) you are a fringe Republican?

  8. I am glad to see Tony Reiss taking a larger role with the County Party. He is a smart & will help ensure the continued success of both the Minniehaha GOP and the SDGOP.

    I strongly urge the county party to listen to Tony carefully. If he is proposing an idea or a change, he is doing so with the well-being of the Party in mind.

    I am honored to call Tony a friend and am happy to see him elected. I believe that you should be willing to sign your name to anything you write regardless of tone . . . Anyone who would attack him anonymously doesn’t add anything to a discussion.

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