Noem Campaign announces “Courage Under Fire”award for Gov. Noem

From the Noem for Governor campaign (you know, the one that actually sends out press releases and informational items):

Dear Fellow American,

BIG News!

Governor Noem received Safari Club International’s “Courage Under FireAward at their 50th Annual Convention on January 20th in Las Vegas.

Governor Noem, the number one defender of the 2nd Amendment in the country, is recognized as a leader in promoting hunting, public access and conservation. “Less COVID, More Hunting” is her famed slogan as she leads our state in conservation heritage and against government overreach.

In her State of the State address, Governor Noem proposed the elimination of all fees for concealed carry permits. South Dakota will also pay the cost for the federal background check. Under her proposal it won’t cost a penny to exercise 2nd Amendment rights in South Dakota.

In announcing the award, Safari International CEO W. Laird Hamberlin said, “No Governor has fought more to protect our hunting traditions, and we cannot wait to recognize Governor Noem as we celebrate SCI’s 50 Years Of Freedom.”

Congratulations Governor Noem!



7 thoughts on “Noem Campaign announces “Courage Under Fire”award for Gov. Noem”

  1. You don’t see DeSantis getting these awards! Trump doesn’t even have one, can you say next president?

    1. Gosh, I hope not, Noem has done nothing as the governor. I could only imagine how bad she would be as president. Probably just use Air Force one to fly around the globe sightseeing.

      1. She has a track record of ignoring the votes and principles of democracy. In order for the GOP to succeed, we need a leader who can do this. Trump tried, and failed, DeSantis appears to follow the votes in FL, every election. Kristi is the only proven leader that has ignored the votes in multiple election cycles (2016, 2020) and not been questioned or held accountable. She could accomplish the transition to reduce non-GOP votes and achieve election dominance, so much so we could potentially reduce the amount of elections we have moving forward.

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