Monae Johnson appears to be running for Sec of State on “Election Integrity” platform

A few weeks back I had pointed out that former Secretary of State employee Monae Johnson had filed paperwork to start a committee to run against current Secretary of State Steve Barnett.

Not much information was out there at the time, but in the past week or so, a placeholder image has been put up on a website which speaks volumes about her campaign platform:

At least from the image, it appears that Johnson is running on the issue of “election integrity.”  Which is an issue we’ve heard much about in the last year. The bigger question is how this challenger for the office will be defining it?

Will it take on a benign form, such as voter ID?  Or will we be going full pillow guy goofy, as some candidates are?

I guess we’ll find out.

11 thoughts on “Monae Johnson appears to be running for Sec of State on “Election Integrity” platform”

  1. Certainly an idea everyone can support!

    Seems to me SD does really well on this front. Curious what criticisms she has of the current system, or suggestions she has to improve.

    1. And that’s just it. There are fringers claiming there’s widespread voter fraud in SD.. except they never can explain who should not have been elected. Nor has it been reported to anyone actually who investigates fraud.

      1. Agree w PP. Election integrity is crucial, and I support voter ID. I doubt SD experienced widespread vote fraud in 2020. Now, I might not be shocked if evidence surfaces showing that crooks submitted a few fraudulent ballots, or even that said ballots were counted. It happens. I just don’t think there was enough to change any SD outcome. To my eye, Steve Barnett did a good job under very challenging circumstances.

    2. Maybe she is opposed to SB 69.
      People who don’t actually live here can make amendments to their voter registration data without bothering to put in a personal appearance.
      What could possibly go wrong? Other than using a relative’s address to run for office in a district they don’t actually live in? It will just save them the trouble of actually having to travel to the auditor’s office in the county they don’t live in anymore. Especially when they have already moved to Arizona. SMH

  2. I, along with many other, have liked and admired Monae. She was a good Republican supporter. However, I sort of suspect she’s getting sucked in by some of the far right conspiracy folks. This doesn’t end well for her — all of us who liked her since she worked in the SOS office many years ago will abandon her in a heartbeat for challenging Steve Barnett. And will actively oppose her for alleging that Steve had done anything but run good elections in South Dakota. I don’t know how she or anyone can suggest otherwise — just look at the results in our state.

    Monae — you should seriously pause and consider what you’re doing. If you want to be Secretary of State, you should reconsider your timing and look at the next cycle. If you get in this race, you will not find support from many of the friends you have made over the years. Further, if you decide to proceed this year, I will also support a strong candidate against you four years from now as well. signed – an Old Friend

    1. I heard Dave Roetman is running her campaign. I’m sure she’ll get 100% of the votes that hang out at Josiahs.

    1. Pretty sure that voter registration for RV nomads came up in a bill about 7-8 years ago, and the legislature decided they had no problem with it. Residency is a legislative issue.

      These residents do not register online, as we are one of eight states that don’t have online voter registration. Federal law allows them to register to vote when they get their South Dakota drivers license. (NVRA of ‘93)

    2. This is a fake argument or you’re just telling lies to attack our SOS. As PP points out, we don’t let them register online. We don’t let anyone register online. And SB 69 doesn’t allow anyone to register online either. Get a clue.

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