News website with anti-semitic slant features Taffy Howard & Julie Frye-Mueller interview at MyPillow Cyber Symposium

Missed this crazy interview from a month ago where alt-right website “TruNews” featured an interview with South Dakota Senator Julie Frye-Mueller and State Representative Taffy Howard.

Taking place at the Pillow Guy Cyber Symposium, the self-titled “Dynamic duo” (not kidding) spent the interview casting a lot of shade at Governor Kristi Noem, and talked about fellow Republican legislators being “RINO’s” who only put the R behind their name to get elected.

You can watch the video for yourself by clicking here.

Not familiar with the TruNews program featuring Julie and Taffy? Well, it’s not something that many South Dakotans are familiar with.  And they probably don’t want to be. You won’t find them on YouTube, as they’ve been permanently banned as of February 2020 for promoting hate speech.

And the founder of TruNews has been quoted as claiming that the Trump Impeachment effort was a “Jew Coup.”

Wikipedia has a much longer list of the program’s controversies, such as TruNews claiming that “the spread of Ebola “could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.” And that “COVID-19 was God’s “death angel” and “plagues are one of the last steps of judgment.”

But, that’s the audience they’re bringing their message of being a “dynamic duo” to.

God help us all.

12 thoughts on “News website with anti-semitic slant features Taffy Howard & Julie Frye-Mueller interview at MyPillow Cyber Symposium”

  1. The internet has given wackos a voice and allows them to organize. They do more damage to republicans than AOL does to Democrats.

    1. Yeah. We definitely shouldn’t allow people to freely associate or speak their ideas. To do that would be .. um .. fascist?

      Mr. Cunningham, where did you get all the time to psychoanalyze 80,000,000 people? Also, you should consider whether to sign your posts as Dr. John F Cunningham MD PsyD PhD.

      The ideas espoused by this person are either true or false. If true, why? If false, how? In my humble opinion, there was an organized operation to affect the election, making it less legitimate (these are intentionally chosen weak words in an effort to be moderate).

      If my opinion is correct, whodunnit?

      In my view, it’s in plain sight.

      Spoiler alert: it was most certainly not all Jews.

      But really .. who did that?

      ~96,000 ghost votes in Arizona, evidence collected in a manner admissible in court.

      There’s a lot of crazies out there. A lot of cults. One super huge global cult even has a super duper secret blood oath (well, okay, the emperor wears no clothes on that one). I don’t think the dynamic duo are part of any cults. To think that would be a strange conspiracy theory?

      I watched the video. I didn’t see where they were against Jews. I saw them talking a lot about not allowing school nurses to inject children, not allowing sex changes, not allowing transgender athletes to ruin girls sports, and how/why the governor didn’t stand for some common sense things.

      I think it’s probably true that there are some non conservative folks in the SD legislature that have an R next to their name as a practical matter. I’m not naming any names, though.

      Competition in ideas is good.

      But I really prefer substantive critiques.

      Example of what is not that helpful:

      Person 1 – “Jew hater!”
      Person 2 – “Election thief!”
      Person 3 – “Banker!”

      And so on.

      That is all.

  2. I wouldn’t take the banning by YouTube as any indicator of anything; they ban a lot of stuff if it doesn’t fit their left-wing agenda. Don’t take this as agreement with anything said by TruNews (I’ve never heard of them, let alone watched anything of theirs) or Taffy or Julie. YouTube is one of those monopolies that actively works to squash free speech (yes, free speech means other people’s ability to say things we find offensive or tremendously stupid).

    1. This free speech thing sounds cool, so there are no consequences for anything my free mouth says, right? #FreedomRocks

  3. They should make another party for the nut jobs in SD. When they get the party affiliation and nomination from the GOP, they are that. We have essentially made shadow parties within one umbrella party, they don’t have to bring anything up at caucus and do it behind closed doors with no outside influence from voters or business reps. This is what one party rule looks like and it isn’t going to end well. The stage has been set to disregard the votes on initiated measures (2016+2020), constitutional changes (2020), its only a matter of time until they just ignore candidate votes as well (2024?).

  4. I say we encourage these wackos to talk even more. That way they show their true colors and eventually bury themselves in a pile of their own stupidity. Hopefully, then, the electorate from Districts 30 and 33 will get their heads out of their…. um, r, sand.

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