Monae Johnson files committee to run for Secretary of State

Monae Johnson of Rapid City has worked for the South Dakota Secretary of State on and off over the years, and apparently today she filed paperwork to form a campaign committee to run that constitutional office herself.

Currently held by incumbent Steve Barnett, this represents another challenge to an incumbent Constitutional Officeholder, and one that wasn’t expected. Steve has managed the office during his tenure without controversy, and has generally had high marks for his handling of what turned out to be an unusual 2020 election cycle where we were challenged by the circumstances of COVID.

Stay tuned. I’m sure there will be more to come on this.

25 thoughts on “Monae Johnson files committee to run for Secretary of State”

  1. She has always been a strong advocate for Chris Nelson.

    Nice lady. She is a serious person. Not fringe either.

  2. Surprising because I wasn’t aware of any unhappiness with Barnett. Does she think there is a possibility he won’t run or something?

    1. A staff member told me. There is drama in the office. the biggest reason for her running is that he had all but one of his elections team members walk out over the past year over disagreements and management styles. Many of them took less pay just to leave.

      The staff takes the brunt of the work and he is not engaged in the office. They said there are others wanting to leave.

      1. This sounds like a lot of anonymous mud throwing and should be taken as such. How many of these comments are from the same person?

        1. or it sounds like someone who was just presented with some details has nothing really to say in defense

  3. Steve Barnett has alienated the party… totally out of touch

    He sent out ballot requests when no one asked him to do so— what Republican was for that?

    Then he pushed an online voting registration bill last session and has said he will again… seriously with all the talk of voter fraud… out of touch

    Lastly and most schockingly he can out for online VOTING… WTF…talk about tone deaf

    Time for a change

    1. Smart Republicans are for online registration …. Our state is dominated by GOP – of course we want high voter turnout. You can already harvest paper sheets for other people anyway, rather require 2 forms of ID and register them online than just a drivers license number on a paper sheet that one person can collect hundreds of …. that takes longer verify than something already uploaded into the system.

    2. Steve has not alienated the party. During the beginning of the pandemic he sent out the usual form that a voter could use to request an absentee ballot. Only extremists are against that. His online voter registration bill is a good advancement. It requires more proof of ID than paper registration. And ID is still required to actually cast your ballot. So how does his bill lead to voter fraud? And please provide proof that he has endorsed online voting. I’ve never heard that and am skeptical it’s true.

      1. The online voting and registration has been a hot topic among legislators. Those who oppose it are vehemently opposed.

    3. I really enjoy the era of embracing the notion that republican values mean making it hard to vote, and trying simply to stop democratic votes. As if the principal of democracy is a fallacy and we should just let one party, even if they are the minority, rule all. If you are a real republiQan you should do everything in your power to stop people from voting or making it easier to vote, we don’t want to let the peoples voice be heard, we just want it to appear that way only. Good work GOP!

  4. Steve has done a solid job for our state. We are a heavy Republican state. The more people that vote, the better for us. There are only two groups that would be opposed to high turnout, which means more regular South Dakota Republicans voting. First, Democrats would be opposed. Second, the small group on the fringe that makes up about 15% of the GOP, because they get diluted when more of our regular South Dakotans vote.
    So, if your pro-GOP, you want more turnout.
    But, more fundament, who’s insane enough to put their name on a post advocating in America that voting is bad??

  5. Steve has no personality. He will have to work for it for once in his life. Empty Suit

    It is good for long standing politicians to face a challenge once in a while to keep them honest.

  6. How much did it cost taxpayers for Barnett to send everyone a ballot?

    I for one did not ask to be sent anything and then this application just shows up. I remember thinking at the time that was a bad idea.

    1. Actually, if memory serves, that is a false statement. He did not send them a ballot.

      He sent an absentee ballot application, because it was unclear if COVID was going to prevent people from being able to go vote.

      1. Thank you for the clarification….but the question then remains how much did it cost taxpayers to send out absentee ballot applications to everyone….including the 99% or overwhelming public who did not ask for one.

  7. The original post doesn’t say what party she is in. Is this fight decided in the Republican convention or the general election?

    1. Monae Johnson is a lifelong Republican who has been active in the party for years—this is a convention battle

      IF the Democrats ever find a candidate for this office or any other then there will be a general election also.

  8. I like Monae, but I question her judgement in the selection of her committee Treasurer. She’s chosen someone who has markedly contributed to the vast schism in the Republican Party in the western side of SD. To choose a known extremist, right-wing, factional antagonizer for her committee is a serious mistake in a race for statewide office where statesmanship and dignity is so important.

    She’s lost this conventioneer’s support.

    1. I noticed that as well. She apparently has aligned herself with the fringe element of the party in Rapid City. Serious mistake, she would probably better off running for dog catcher.

      1. I dont see it that way. If you are to win you need to have a broad coalition. No one wins with just the far right or the mushy moderates. the person who appeals widest wins. She is hardly fringe and Barnett is hardly a leftist.

        This will be a very contested race.

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