Noem Statement on King v. Burwell Decision

noem press header Noem Statement on King v. Burwell Decision

kristi noem headshot May 21 2014Washington, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem today issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on King v. Burwell:

“I will not be deterred by today’s decision.  The President’s health care law is bad policy – plain and simple.  Thousands of South Dakotans have already suffered the consequences of this law and there’s no sign of those burdens lifting.  Many in our state have lost access to their preferred doctors and health insurance plans.  Others remain caught in the confusion and complexity of the law.  Still others are grappling with the fact that their family’s health costs are scheduled to skyrocket again next year.  South Dakotans deserve better. We will continue to work toward a patient-centered alternative that will finally repeal the President’s health care law and replace it with a health policy that works for American families.”


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  1. July 2013—Noam wants Obamacare money for CHCBH—rticle/174669/revealed-letters-republicans-seeking-obamacare-money
    “Thousands of South Dakotans have already suffered the consequences of this law”—–and as usual they can’t tell us how..

    For children – vision and hearing screening; developmental assessments; recommended immunizations; and screening and counseling to address obesity and help children maintain a healthy weight.

    o For adults under age 65 – recommended immunizations and cancer screening such as colonoscopies for those over 50; healthy diet counseling for those at high risk for chronic disease and obesity screening; cholesterol and blood pressure screening; screening for HIV; depression screening; and tobacco-use counseling.

    o For women under age 65 – additional preventive services such as recommended mammograms and Pap smears; well-woman visits; screening for gestational diabetes; and domestic violence screening and counseling.
    Just a short list of how “Thousands of South Dakotans have already suffered the consequences of this law”?

  2. jaa dee’s laundry list of obamacare features aside, noem and other republicans miss the essential point – – they have now abandoned the position of protecting states and blocking the full implementation of ACA. they are now on record with two irreconcilable arguments – first, that obamacare must be erased, and second that it must be fully and strictly implemented as the law is written. what?!?

    i enjoy being a republican and enjoy opposing democrats every moment they breathe and lie. but i will not be linked to the party that isn’t fighting for the lowest rates in all circumstances, the party that is willing to argue for full implementation of a legal pony trick DESIGNED to politically force states to take on the onerous burden of setting up a state exchange. my party used to protect states rights.

    thanks for hearing me out. i’m confounded.

    1. Precisely. Kristi Amnesty’s talk is CHEAP. She’s a Boehner lackey who is similarly spinally-challenged. Just STFU.

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