Oh look, Minnehaha County Auditor still doing goofy things.

Minnehaha County’s “Leah Anderson show” had another wacky episode yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s not a sitcom, but is an ongoing, live performance by the Auditor of South Dakota’s largest county:

While she described them broadly to the commission, mostly focusing on what she says is a discrepancy between vote totals shown in the official vote count compared to the audit logs, Anderson has made it clear in multiple interviews that she believes Minnehaha County’s votes in the 2020 election could have been altered by an algorithm intended to harm Republicans’ chances in elections around the country.


Commissioner Joe Kippley, who has been critical of Anderson’s actions in the past, was not as approving. He said if Anderson’s goal was to increase faith in elections, it was “irresponsible” of her to put out “half-baked information” that she herself seemed to be saying was only partial without checking physical records.

Kippley pointed to the budget meeting the commission would be having later that day, saying that it would not be acceptable to show half of a budget presentation, say that millions of dollars were missing and say with a “wink wink nod nod” that perhaps something untoward had happened. He added he did not consider a screenshot of a spreadsheet she had provided to be a “smoking gun.”


Anderson has said she doesn’t completely understand the issues laid out by O’Donnell, but has signaled that she believes in the algorithm theory, telling conservative TV host Brannon Howse, “The other issue is what appears to be the same algorithm as the Mesa 3.”

Read it all here.

Can they get this kook out of there already?

27 thoughts on “Oh look, Minnehaha County Auditor still doing goofy things.”

  1. So many adults acting like children. Trump lost four years ago, please, just get over it and move on with your lives. The guy is a divisive candidate, why are you so shocked he lost? You’ve been looking this entire time for cheating, and still have found no hard evidence, Mike Lindell has spent his entire fortune trying to make it happen, and hasn’t. It may be time to wake up and just accept reality.

    1. Of course! Obvious to everyone except Republican elected officials and wing nut media freaks. But to accept a clear loss that the Messiah has still not accepted (and never will accept) would put them at odds with the would-be King whose primary motivations are revenge, greed, lust ….. and staying out of prison. How can any R elected official assert and retain his or her personal integrity without getting Liz Cheneyed? The Messiah has taught his eternally loyal fans that facts don’t matter, and they have learned this essential “alternative fact” very well. What a fabulous lesson for our kids to grow up with.

      1. well said. now i don’t have to type this very same thing. i would add more about cheney’s clearest virtue – to speak truth to power (evil power) and let consequences be damned.
        the “stolen election” lie is the cancerous evil of our time, eating away our moral sense and fortitude. admit the truth and help save the nation please.

        1. The sad thing is many republicans will agree with this but vote for the crook anyway. Blind tribalism gets you Leah Andersons and Monae Johnsons in office.

      2. what our kids are growing up with is an inability to walk home from school without fear of being attacked by one of Biden’s asylum seekers.
        The rich don’t have to worry about their kids, they can send a limo driver or a nanny to pick them up after school. They’re insulated from this chaos.

        1. Were you ever able to leave the basement bunker from the last SDGOP created hysteria of Somalis and other Muslims moving to South Dakota? Fear of Islamic terrorists striking the cities and small towns in the state?

          Ron Branstner making his conspiracy filled fear mongering tour in Aberdeen and in other towns in South Dakota? A number of legislators still in office fell for it hook line and sinker. The non conspiracy gullible elected officials including Republicans in other states avoid him like the plague.

        2. “What our kids are growing up with is an inability to walk home from school without fear of being attacked by one of Biden’s asylum seekers.”
          lol what a crock of crap. you better go back to troll school and recertify

          1. I saw it on CBS news. They were very careful to not call the Queens NY perp an illegal immigrant, just that he was from Ecuador and had been “processed” at the southern border.
            Yep, “processed” after he was arrested in Texas with a 3 year old child.

            You don’t have to watch FOX news. You just have to pay attention to what they are not telling you on CBS and KELO. When you figure out what information is missing, that’s what you have to go looking for from other sources.

            1. You think Kelo is hiding stories about illegal immigrants making it unsafe for kids to walk home in South Dakota? Seems like you might just be full of it.

        3. If you think the walk home is bad, you should see what can happen right in the classroom. Those repressed white males sure do snap often.

  2. “The other issue is what appears to be the same algorithm as the Mesa 3.”

    But there’s a big problem with Report 3. The authors didn’t interview anyone from Mesa County as they had claimed. Not a soul. – “As Republican Mesa County District Attorney Daniel Rubinstein discovered after a thorough investigation, the authors of Report 3 failed to interview any of Mesa County’s election officials and employees. Daugherity told investigators he didn’t do any of the interviews and that all of the interviews were done by his co-author O’Donnell. O’Donnell refused to cooperate with the investigation and referred Rubinstein to Peters’ attorney. He did not reply to an email from A News Cafe seeking comment.”

    More background and details on Jeffrey O’Donnell (The Lone Racoon) and Mesa County District Attorney Daniel Rubinstein’s investigation into Mesa County election fraud claims are available at this link: https://anewscafe.com/2023/07/17/redding/the-supervisor-the-lone-raccoon-and-the-mesa-pattern-of-election-fraud-deception/

    At what point does the County Commission remove Leah Anderson from her position for cause, as her actions and public statements continue to undermine public trust in our elections?

    1. the county of pennington continues to have the finest of auditors to be had in sd and ten other nearby states. strange since pennco is often the epicenter of maga-nutjobbery in sd but i will cherish my blessings and not ruin them by fretting or inviting a maga takeover.

  3. The length and breadth of the Lying that has gone on to perpetuate the Myth of the stolen election is staggering. I used to think it was just ignorance in action. Now I see it as self dealing for political promotion and profit.

  4. Some of us don’t care what Trump does to get back into office, we just want Biden out of there.
    Biden is giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, forgiving student loans, selling the country out to Chinese interests and promising to “rebuild Gaza” so Hamas can regroup and attack Israel all over again.
    One of Biden’s asylum seekers, just last week, attacked two children with a “machete-type” knife & raped a 13 year old girl, as they were dismissed from school for the day, in Queens NY. He had been arrested in Texas in 2021 for entering the country illegally, had a 3 year old child with him, was processed and released into the country. The victims’ description included the information that he had braces on his teeth. (Who paid for orthodontics?) There is no mention of where the child he crossed the border with is now.
    Maybe he went to the school to pick up his kid and go distracted; I’m sure there’s a good explanation.

    We’re sick of this shit. We want the whole Biden family deported, to Ukraine, if the Ukrainians will have them.

    1. Do you call for claw back of guns after a mass shooting? Those are FAR more frequent. People are sick of those, too. Somehow I think your opinion is a bit more nuanced, there.

      1. “We’re going to take the firearms first and then go to court, because that’s another system. Because a lot of times by the time you go to court … it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida; he had a lot of fires [and] they saw everything. To go to court would have taken a long time, so you could do exactly what you’re saying but take the guns first, go through due process second.”

    2. anon 6/20 6:17AM – the unreasonable rage you exhibit toward biden is YOUR problem. not mine. your fantasy hate which was fed by alt-right social media and outright lies is calculated to result in you giving trump a pass. which you say you’ll do without a care given to “trumps current campaigning.”
      the problem with trump is the way he’s going to put in a christian theocratic bureaucracy, loot the place and blame the other rich people, dismantle the whole system of US health, education and welfare. you owe it to yourself and every other american to read up on this and really understand what your worthless attitude will mean for the whole country.
      this isn’t just some game show, with a reset button.

      1. plus – re: knifepoint rape incident – get over it. like trump told those iowa school shooting parents to get over it on caucus night.

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