Attorney General Jackley Joins State Attorneys General Opposing Gag Order Against Former President Trump

Attorney General Jackley Joins State Attorneys General Opposing Gag Order Against Former President Trump

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley announces that he has joined a 24-state coalition urging the courts to deny a Special Prosecutor’s request for a gag order against former President Trump.

The Special Prosecutor has requested a gag order that prohibits former President Trump from criticizing the raid of his Mar-a-Lago home. The states argue that the gag order is unclear, infringes on former President Trump’s free speech rights, and interferes with American voters’ rights to hear what their candidate has to say leading into an election.

 “In all my years as a U.S. Attorney, South Dakota Attorney General, and State’s Attorney, I have never asked for a gag order on any defendant regardless of what a defendant said about me or the process,” said Attorney General Jackley. “We don’t do this in America — it’s called free speech and free elections.”

Other Attorney Generals joining the coalition are from: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Read the full amicus brief here. 

11 thoughts on “Attorney General Jackley Joins State Attorneys General Opposing Gag Order Against Former President Trump”

  1. Ridiculous. History will not judge this time well unless we go full Hungary in which case history will be imposed on us all declaring this time an awaking.

  2. Everyone should accept there is near zero accountability within the judicial branch of government right now. We have the SCOTUS blatantly taking bribes, blatantly being involved when there is a clear conflict of interest, all while making bank and the legislative branch refusing to do anything so one side can have their way. Yeah, I’m sure this judge will totally reverse their order because a few republican State AG’s claim it is vague and over reaching. If you want this fixed, pass an ethics bill and require more accountability for all of them, until then, this is just another political ad.

  3. Political theatre. Where was Jackley condemning the former president who was hiding classified materials and refusing to give them back? Trump gets handled with kids gloves even with his gag orders.

  4. I wonder how many other convicted felons have received Jackley’s support? 34 counts of fraud and the likely hood for 10 or more felony convictions. He should spend more time doing his job as AG as opposed to running so hard for Governor.

  5. There is a problem with judges imposing gag orders and it needs to be addressed.
    Back around 2013, a gag order was imposed on the parents of Justina Pelletier, preventing them from speaking out about their own child’s medical condition and treatment, or to even seek second opinions from other physicians.
    At the time, there were questions about the constitutionality of such an order, and when her father decided to violate the order, Alan Dershowitz announced he wanted to help. Almost immediately the judge decided there had been a significant change of circumstances and the Pelletiers got their kid back, making the reason for the gag order even more questionable. What was that all about? .

    Judges should be required to provide good reasons for interfering with somebody’s First Amendment rights.

    1. You lost me at Dershowitz… Also, the case you mentioned is comparing apples to oranges… Nobody acts the way Trump does when it comes to his court proceedings, and most would be charged with contempt of court for half of what he has done. Jackley knows this, and all he is doing is supporting the grift to score political points.

  6. The Judicial system should not be a political branch of the government nor was it supposed to be. Joining in on an obviously political moment should not be a priority of your job as attorney general. Such a shame to be a try-hard.

  7. mr. jackley – until an ex-president who lives in south dakota is found to have squirreled away thousands of top secret documents at his estate, or at valhalla or whatever, i don’t think you have sufficient standing or experience to second guess jack smith on the massive effect his defendant can have on the trial process with his flamboyant behavior and bully pulpit. also, it is mildly annoying to see our state’s legal time taken up with this water-carrying activity.

    1. if you want to do the gop a favor, do what cheney did and demand that trump step away from leadership totally and stand down from running, until these court cases are tried.
      any vindication of trump must not stem from a presumption, but must rise from a ruling or verdict.

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