Paula Hawks referred to as one of NARAL-SD’s favorite pro-choice candidates

Is abortion going to be a defining issue in the next US House Race?

Anticipated to be announcing a run against South Dakota’s Congresswoman Kristi Noem, Democratic State Rep Paula Hawks was specifically held out in September 2014 as one of NARAL’s favorite pro-choice candidates:

Compare that to Congresswoman Kristi Noem, who has advocated for the pain-capable unborn child act:

…and voted for it yesterday.

First a major difference on a state income tax, now the abortion issue. This could shape up to be a  classic conservative Republican versus an extremist liberal Democrat race when Hawks announces, as is anticipated in June or July.

18 thoughts on “Paula Hawks referred to as one of NARAL-SD’s favorite pro-choice candidates”

  1. The way some of the Republicans voted this past session, I am not so sure more names need to be added to this list..

    1. don’t just put the charge out there, who are you talking about? name names or pipe down.

    2. Isaac Latterell should be added to the list for hurting the pro-life movement.

    3. The predominent group which wants to shut other opinions up are liberals. Are you in that catagory?

  2. Is this what Gordon Howie was complaining about and throwing her, Rounds and Thune under the bus?

    1. What are you trying to say? Can you come up with a coherent post or have you been to Colorado?

  3. So Paula Hawks is for murdering innocent, unborn human beings? Does she have kids? How does she explain it to them? Liberals sure cling to their precious “right” to abort children, don’t they?

    1. Yes, they do, and then they make videos saying they stand for supporting the people of South Dakota. The are Democrat, as they say, because they care about people…horse pucky!! If someone tries to pin them down on abortion views, they just start a long speech about it being between patient and doctor…horse pucky to that as well.

  4. SoDak Republicans are clinging to abortion like a sailor going down in a lifeboat. You’ve lost on every issue you stand for and soon the voters will acknowledge women’s rights. As a man, “If you don’t like abortion don’t get one. A women’s right to choose is fundamental and the law and none of your business.” Lost are your issues; small gov’t, Obamacare, gays, immigration, guns, taxes, water rights, air quality and you get “head slapped by the Supreme Court every time you try to take away women’s rights . Older angry white men with limited time left on this earth exhibiting their low self esteem and gullibility to politicians who turn you inside out and hang the pro-life carrot in front of your donkey cart. You march lock step like fools. South Dakota will turn blue and there’s nothing you can do. lol lwiy

    1. Wow, talk about using all the leftwing talking points in one paragraph. Congratulations!!!

  5. I find it interesting that Repubs are consistently attempting to eliminate abortion when on two separate occasions the voters of this state have elected to retain the procedure. Apparently they really do not respect the will of the electorate if they disagree with it.

  6. the fact that abortion is only debated on conservative blogs is an illustration of how little progress there has been on winning converts to the pro-life cause. as long as this issue is so firmly linked to party politics, half of the army you need will keep themselves away from you because of the political divisions. beat the politics and maybe something will happen well outside of politics. or not. but as long as everything is hooked to social conservatism alone, you’re always going to top out, and the allies you need will always have an excuse to stay away from you. the legal ramifications of abortion alone should be enough to build a case and overturn rulings on. fight that battle instead of ‘guilting’ everyone for not joining you from a christian conservative standpoint. many otherwise good moral agents can’t be guilt-ed by a religion or denomination they don’t share or actively dislike or distrust. argue the law itself better and fight the illogic.

  7. The pro-choice arguments always play well to people who think women are so incompetent that they can’t figure out how they got pregnant, and can’t figure out what to do with a baby.

    I’ve never met a woman like that, but apparently democrats know a lot of them.

  8. Enquirer is correct. The laws do our nation must have a secular argument lest we fall into the same divisions which separate Christianity. Our Constitution is grounded in Natural Law which guarantees every person inalienable rights.

    That means simply nobody owns another and can not terminate their existence without sufficient and proportionate reason. For instance, self defense and even then one must take the least extreme measure to defend oneself.

    In light of this basis, abortion at any time during the pregnancy and for any reason can’t stand logically.

  9. Ms. Beal:
    Putting expectations on peoples conduct is almost always disappointing. Your judgemental nature helps few.

    1. yeah, we expect that people shouldn’t murder other people. see how that works out for us.

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