Pot peddlers pushing measure with Democrats, pleased with Sutton’s stance on drugs.

On Facebook are a couple of interesting tidbits coming from Melissa Mentele, the Democrat activist and former legislative candidate who is backing two of the pot legalization measures on the ballot.

First, the pro-pot group is apparently going around the state and presenting to Democrat Organizations, such as the Democrat Party group in Mitchell as to why South Dakota needs to join Colorado, and legalize the illegal drug:

Even more interesting.. elsewhere on facebook, Mentele alludes to the fact that Democrat Candidate for Governor Billie Sutton is apparently in synch with the Mentele’s advocacy for legalization of the illegal drug:

Maybe that’s a question that the media needs to take up with Sutton…

40 thoughts on “Pot peddlers pushing measure with Democrats, pleased with Sutton’s stance on drugs.”

    1. I am willing to bet everything that I have that the anonymous poster who wrote this is a liberal who normally bashes the Koch Brothers.

  1. It’s a minor drug that can effectively be used for pain control, and is in many ways more benign than alcohol.

    The lefty blogs wouldn’t speak about Scalise now nothing is said about Trump’s atrocious behavior. What gives?

    1. because Trump’s “atrocious behavior”
      consists of calling out a couple of media lightweights, a dumb blonde who only has her job because of her father’s connections and a dopey former politician having a midlife crisis. the two of them have been so unhinged by the election results they haven’t been able to get over it, feeding off each other’s angst to the extent they mistook their shared hatred of Trump for true love. Now the only way they can keep the romance alive is to keep fueling the anti-Trump fire, because if it ever goes out, so will they.
      The viewing public has been watching this soap opera long enough to figure out the only thing keeping Joe and Mika together is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      Is that what you want to talk about?

      1. “[A] dumb blonde who only has her job because of her father’s connections.”

        You’re talking about Ivanka, right?

      2. Anne says about Mika and Joe: “the two of them have been so unhinged”.

        The President. The President of the United States spends his time tweeting insults to a woman and revealing that she was “bleeding badly from a facelift” and you call HER unhinged?

        All Presidents are criticized. All of them have their beef with the press. But none have acted like this. At least not in the last 100 years. Stop pretending like this is normal and/or justified. By any measure of normal political behavior, HE is “unhinged”. Is that not obvious?

        1. Do you watch that show? I used to set my DVR so I wouldn’t miss it. But they have lost their minds. This is worse than when CNN couldn’t stop talking about the Queen’s Jubilee and a missing Malaysian airliner. But on Morning Joe they have been in full-blown hysterics for months, and they’ve been escalating. Their entire relationship is founded on TDS.

          There’s a reason a lot of employers have policies prohibiting fraternization, and these two are showing the world why.

          1. I watch everything from Fox and Friends to Rachel Maddow. Yes, I have seen the show. Its largely a political show full of political opinions but it’s not “Alex Jones” unhinged. Mika and Joe seem pretty normal to me.

            The President, on the other hand, is an Alex Jones fan. Need I say more?

    2. Happy,

      A minor drug? Seriously? One day while working at an International higher end cycling mail order business with a retail showroom I had a co-worker step out after our shift started and got high off of weed. He came back in and just reeked with his eyes looking like something out of a horror movie with being blood shot. He admitted what he did and what he smoked and was in a catatonic state for the rest of the shift. He was unable to answer phones, respond to emails and I sure as heck did not want him talking to customers that came into our showroom. He was completely worthless the rest of the shift and oblivious to what was going on. You would not want him driving. This was not just a slight buzz from having a beer or two.

  2. The is a great example of the self destructive and short sighted path of the South Dakota Democratic Party. Totally oblivious as to the consequences of the policies they are promoting. They should clean a house or a rental that was left in a disgusting state where all they did was get high and never clean. Talk to parents, family, friends and business owners where this “minor drug” that is less harmful than alcohol consumed lives.

    Personal responsibility? Accountability? Any type of positive political change in South Dakota? It certainly will not come from todays South Dakota Democratic Party.

    1. Talk to cops, prosecutors, and judges about what’s more harmful, alcohol or weed. Sure, pot heads might not clean their house very well but they don’t rob banks, burglarize houses, or assault cops. People on alcohol do that.

      1. No comparison. Pot can’t hold a candle to what the damage alcohol can do.

        1. Ms. Volesky has some knowledge in these areas, but grudznick says the demon weed is the devil, it is the devil!

          1. No it isn’t….it has been around forever. Big business demonized it to take competition away. Just research the history of it.

            1. I researched and did not come to the same conclusion. Weed is bad, it is bad. And it will be the end of Mr. Sutton’s short politician run.

              I saw Ron’s picture in the Argus blog today and he looks well.

              1. Grudz is normally the most reasonable guy in the room, except when he ain’t. Keep researching. I used to deliver meals to AIDS patients, it was the best thing to help the pain, relieve nausea, and give them an appetite. Anything can be abused or used at the wrong time. It’s not a gateway drug people that want heroin are gonna go there if it didn’t even exist.

      2. Sure, there is less crime. That is because the potheads don’t want to go out and rob any convenience stores when they are high. The convenience stores do sell a lot of munchies, though. The people I know who are regular users of pot have dead end jobs and lack the motivation to go out and find real, rewarding work. My thoughts are that if you want to enjoy your pot, then sign a waver that says the state will not have to take care of you to feed you and house you, etc.

        1. Driving their cars, operating machines or heavy machinery is not a good idea either while high and many do that.

  3. Going to prison for smoking a joint? Those pushing for legalization would have you believe that our prisons and jails are filled with people for just smoking a joint. Over the past year I had to sit in small claims court several times in Aberdeen in dealing with a juvenile delinquent in regards to property damage. The judge did a great job trying to help guide and help yet hold them responsible for their actions. I know him and he is fair and a super nice guy. On several occasions the only ones who spent any time in jail were repeat offenders caught with pot, did something else that got them into trouble probably under the influence of pot, had a large amount or were dealing. Each time some time of chemical dependency counseling was a condition of the court if I remember correctly.

    This campaign for legalization would go further long term if they put all the cards on the table as to the true social costs so South Dakotans would know what they are really voting for and not end up with long term regrets like how video lottery was sold to us.

    1. Let me get this straight: since judges are reluctant to send marijuana users to our already over-crowded prisons, marijuana should remain illegal, despite all other evidence that supports ending prohibition? Ok.

      Miranda, you have access to data about “the true social costs” just as much as anyone, so let’s see it. Don’t forget to include the tens or hundreds of millions in potential tax revenue into your calculations. I’m also interested in your data about other more serious crimes committed by people on marijuana, in contrast to similar crimes committed by people on alcohol.

      1. Is someone putting a gun to your head forcing you to smoke that crap? If so, we have an entirely different problem. If not quit playing the victim.

    2. Pot’s not the problem, it’s the laws. Over $40 million dollars spent over the last 10 years on incarceration costs. Give me a break.

  4. Good in this case = not in opposition it does not mean he is a supporter. Not standing in the way of compassionate issues is a GOOD stance. Nice over reach & word play Pat. Too bad the truth always wins.

    1. “not in opposition it does not mean he is a supporter”?

      That’s spin if I ever saw it. Nice word play yourself.

      1. why does it surprise you that a lot of people don’t care if it’s legal on not?

    2. Melissa,

      “Too bad the truth always wins” You certainly are not telling the truth and being straightforward in how you and your organization are trying to sell this to South Dakotans.

    3. I am not sure if I understand M, is Sutton for or against the Legalization of medical marijuana. I guess One could ask him.

  5. Every single so-called medical benefit of marijuana can be obtained from other medications and/or changes in diet. Legalizing medical marijuana is a canard.

    1. I’m going to decide what medicine you can take too. I’m not a doctor but I stayed at a holiday inn last night so it’s all good.

      1. Is the petition being circulated about “medical” marijuana? I doubt it. I suspect this is about “recreational” marijuana. While I don’t see the need for the medical stuff, you are not comparing apples to apples. If this group IS talking about “medical” marijuana, then my apologies.

        1. Duggersd, Their are three petitions being circulated two recreational and one medical which is really a softened recreational one that will be very problematic.

    2. I’ll take marijuana over prescription drugs any day. But, I am more into the natural stuff with no side effects.

    3. Each of these “other medications” you speak of may potentially kill me. Marijuana will not.

  6. There is a reason that Independents, possibly many of them Libertarian types are the fastest growing politic party. Neither the hard left or hard right will accept that centrists also have strong beliefs, like we are just wishy washy souls that stand for nothing. Joe and Mika are both reasonable people. The media not so much, but neither is Trump. He’s a man baby.

  7. He is giving a pretty good speech right now in DC. People are loving it.

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