Press Release: Rounds Statement on President’s State of the Union Address

Rounds Statement on President’s State of the Union Address

MikeRounds official SenateWASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) made the following statement on the President’s State of the Union Address:

“I appreciate the fact that the President at least acknowledged the need to work together to solve our country’s most pressing issues,” Rounds said, “but he must do more than pay lip service to bipartisanship in order to move our country forward. If the proposals he laid out tonight are any indication, I’m afraid he is not serious about working with the new Republican Congress. Instead, he offered more of his same failed policies and proposals that will raise taxes on American families, add to our already bloated debt and stifle energy and economic growth.

“Most troubling of these proposals is his plan to raise taxes on hard-working Americans – to the tune of $320 billion dollars. The President might want you to think these tax increases will only affect the Warren Buffetts of the world, but don’t be fooled. The tax plan he proposed tonight would impact South Dakota small business owners, farmers, ranchers and entrepreneurs. The people who will be hit by this are your friends, your neighbors and Main Street store owners who provide good-paying jobs and essential services in South Dakota communities.

“Americans made very clear in the last elections that they are tired of the same old Washington practices that have made government too burdensome, too big and downright ineffective.  What South Dakotans are telling me is that they want us to work together on ideas that will make government more efficient and accountable. Republicans have already rolled up their sleeves to work on commonsense, bipartisan efforts to get government working again. It will be up to the President decide whether he wants to join us in that conversation.”


12 thoughts on “Press Release: Rounds Statement on President’s State of the Union Address”

  1. Mike, you forgot to remember that as Americans, we want to pay our bills. Your predecessors – Thune in particular – helped run up trillions in debt. Now are you saying you don’t want to pay our bills?

  2. american oligarch, your presumption is flawed. not all americans want to pay their bills. ask any collection agency. senator rounds was simply saying that it’s hard to accept the president’s speech at face value, that a number of things are calculated to stonewall or impede congress, and that a spirit of cooperation will be the same old “my way or the highway.” do you have a reading comprehension deficiency?

    1. No I do not have a reading comprehension deficiency. However, you do have a deficiency. I have included a friendly link here so that we may carry out a decent discourse. You simply can’t have intellectual credibility until you learn to communicate properly. Please read. And then we can proceed.

      1. you’re so lame. your insults probably do entertain you, though. your posting of paragraphs of lies in here don’t do anything to advance any kind of argument, so don’t pretend that you want a sort of civil discourse all of a sudden. how do you explain the fact that under george bush we had congress sessions that were budgeting according to law and paying down debt UNTIL the democrats took over in 2007, when debts began growing again, and since 2009 growing astronomically? oh, yeah, you don’t.

      2. i just used five capital letters. not using them elsewhere is just my little plan to fundamentally transform america.

    1. Sorry. Can’t lay claim to that. Just a former SD resident who just found this site. It’s a lot like the cave Plato described in The Allegory of the Cave.

    1. i remember harry reid urging everyone to pass it or there’d be doom, i remember tim geithner putting the deal together with hank paulsen. i remember how quickly after the vote tim johnson played politics with his brave ‘no’ vote when conceivably enough no votes could have caused an economic collapse. that’s what i remember.

    1. the only way he would have lost would have been by volunteering to drop out. the democrats failed miserably MISERABLY, you can believe it.

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