Press Release: State Legislatures Oppose Opt-Out

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State Legislatures Oppose Opt-Out

RAPID CITY, S.D. (June 1, 2015) – With hours before the election day, four state representatives, State Senator Phil Jensen, Representatives Lance Russell, Lynne DiSanto, and Blaine “Chip” Campbell, held a press conference today, June 1, at the Rapid City Public Library to discuss their opposition to the opt-out issue on tomorrow’s ballot for election day. Over a dozen supporters stood behind the state legislators during their press conference as they elaborated on their opposition to the opt-out and their warning to voters over potential tax increases rumored to be coming next year from the state.

State Representative Russell stated his opposition to the opt-out issue is due to their concern over impending tax increases that are rumored to be coming from the state legislator’s blue ribbon task force on education. Russell stated that he felt the public has a right to know of the potential impending tax increases from the state, prior to voting on a $30 million opt-out property tax increase locally. Russell challenged Governor Daugaard to “level with the voters of Rapid City prior to such a large property tax increase,” stating that he felt the Governor was not being forthcoming in regards to resolving the state education issues.

Representative DiSanto said, in opposition to the opt-out, that the Governor’s recommendation of an opt-out as a solution to local education problems is “not going about it the right way;” but elaborated on her support for “quality education,” stating that “ first and foremost, before I am a state legislator, I am a mother with children that go to school here.”

The state legislators have recommended to Governor Daugaard to work with them in order to resolve many of the issues that is facing our educational system. Senator Phil Jensen and Representative Blaine “Chip” Campbell made similar comments that they too felt the Governor had neglected dealing with the educational issues in an appropriate manner.

Tomorrow voters will go to the polls to decide on the issue.


15 thoughts on “Press Release: State Legislatures Oppose Opt-Out”

  1. What are the ideas ,plans , recommendations or suggestions of these four ?

    1. Funny how the old tax, spend, create more govt Rattler gets pissy when conservatives oppose the Rattler’s establishment cronies.

      Rattler, the plan is to oppose you big govt loving cronies.

      1. or rep. verchio just wants to know what the plans are that would be better than funding something adequately. more likely “we have better plans” and “this is the state’s problem” can be translated as “we don’t care what happens as long as we’re not part of the solution.”

  2. Not to mention where did these “Legislatures” get their, clearly poor, education?

  3. “The state legislators have recommended to Governor Daugaard to work with them in order to resolve many of the issues that is facing our educational system.”

    “Issues that is facing?”

    If I were them, I’d be seeking more education. Not less.

  4. Just saying no with no alternative , in this case , is just not good enough . I still maintain that there is enough revenue there it’s just not being spent properly . If money was the answer every child in D. C. would be a Rhodes scholar . If you want to discuss my ideas come see me .

  5. These four called on the governor to increase state funding. Then they called on the governor to rule out tax increases.

    Sounds like they could use a math lesson.

    1. actually, it’s cognitive dissonance, which advertisers use to neutralize the negativity something while they highlight its attractiveness. in this case you’d neutralize the perception that schools failing financial structure will result in more bad outcomes, while you highlight and play into the peoples’ desire not to bear a tax burden of any sort.

  6. Wow, what a crew…all they needed to reach the holy-grail of wing-nuttiness was to put Howie up on the stage with them. I’m guessing the pro opt-out group is high-fiving each other…they couldn’t buy better publicity.

    1. sadly, the civic center vote proved that rc active voters lovvvve to say ‘no.’ a motivated ‘no’ vote taking the day will reap benefits for mayor kooiker because the ‘no’ people are his core group.

  7. Just out of curiosity, what the hell is Russell doing sticking his nose in Rapid City’s business?

  8. Dustin ,
    All of us in D-30 have constituents within the Rapid School District .

  9. On one hand I get what the proponents are saying: A state-wide tax increase may be coming. The problem is it might not be coming.

    However, I think they are missing an opportunity by being silent (being silent is an opportunity). If the opt-out passes in such a large school district, maybe there is no need for state action- Just let local districts make their own decision.

    However, again, maybe they fear passage will give legislators greater comfort the citizens want more money in education thus makes it more likely a state-wide tax increase will happen.

    Hard to say which is right but what is good is we are talking about education.

  10. Troy have any sports complexes not been built because of budget shortfalls? New schools not been tax enabled with bonding for construction? Superintendents and Principles not hired for lack of resources? If no is the answer we would appear to be funding education sufficiently. The problem lies in not directing funds into teacher salaries.

    What would it cost to boost every SD teacher’s salary by $5000? The answer is less then 10% of SD’s yearly lottery revenue. No need for a new tax.

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