Prior interview of Dems State Auditor Candidate shows how extreme the Democrat ticket is this fall

As part of a nod to diversity, South Dakota Democrats point to having a member of the LGBTQ+ community on their statewide ballot in the form of Stephanie Lynn Marty, a 70 year-old Transgender Activist, who appeared before the Democrat convention (in a video) and won the nomination for State Auditor.

Marty started out earlier in the campaign season with a third place finish in the District 11 House Democrat Primary.

Why would they pick someone to run for Auditor who had come in third in a state legislative primary a few weeks ago?  Well, she has a pulse for one.

But as evidenced by a recent interview, it might be her extreme positions that were more attractive to the Democrat ticket:

Candidate profile photo from facebook
Stephanie Lynn Marty profile photo from facebook

..we need to develop a tax structure that brings balance to the system.  We’ve spent years where candidates promise to cut taxes, while all they do is drive the costs down to lower levels of government.  Maybe it’s time to say that my responsibility is to make the system less regressive, which means some taxes will go up, and some taxes will go down.


..We need to stop saying we won’t raise taxes when we need to rebalance the system.  We should consider a wealth tax, a windfall profits tax, a corporate tax on larger corporations and reinstating the inheritance tax on millionaires…


Creating non-partisan primaries where the top two candidate move to the general election may be the answer…

Read the entire interview here at Dakota News Now.

Good gosh.

One of the Democrat candidates believes we need to “create a new tax structure” and make “some taxes go up?”  Corporate income taxes, and bringing back the death tax on farmers wishing to pass estates on to their kids.  Taxes, taxes, and more taxes.

And throwing in the crazy jungle primary, because she wants us to be more like California.

So extreme she couldn’t get through a Democrat Primary, and so Democrats move her to the top of their statewide ticket?

Good luck with that one.

7 thoughts on “Prior interview of Dems State Auditor Candidate shows how extreme the Democrat ticket is this fall”

  1. It looks like I’ll be inheriting the family farm but the death tax scares the hell out of me. If the exemption isn’t as high as it is today, I’ll have to sell off half of the farm to keep it. Death tax is seriously the worst one out there. Dad died, you have to move to the farm to take it over now, btw the irs wants their millions.

    1. So you’re going to inherit one of the largest farms in the state that, by definition, to fall under the estate tax is in the top 1% of family farms in value?

      Considering how tax rates and math actually work, it’s probably best you sell it all rather than run it into the ground with your clear lack of accounting skills.

      Or maybe you could just own up to either being clueless about the subject or being full of it.

      1. It is much easier to just be scared and believe everything my political party says. Why would they lie to me, it isn’t like someone is paying them to take a stance on the issue?

  2. Taxes are going to go up anyway after Amendment D passes and Medicaid expansion destroys the state budget.

    “Originally, the North Dakota Department of Human Services modeled their expansion plans on projections that the state would pay $2.9 million in Medicaid expansion costs during the first half of 2017. But by 2015, that projection stood at $8.2 million. Dalrymple’s final budget projected $30.5 million in state spending on Medicaid expansion from 2017 – 2019.”

    Coming soon to Pierre.

    1. As someone who is invested in hospitals, my returns will be better though, and will be more than what I pay in additional tax. I experienced the same when the ACA was passed. For all the write offs the hospital was using, having someone pay is much better than throwing that into a write off pool and getting all other costs increased.

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