Rapid City Council Race controversy; Candidate’s past protection orders coming out, blames opponent.

Running a political blog, there are a lot of times you get “things” sent to you that make for interesting reading regarding political candidates. Sometimes, you have to put them in the category of BS. Other times, they’re a little tougher to explain away.

Today, I received one of those that’s a little tough to explain away.

I’m reading a South Dakota Clerk of Courts history report sent to me regarding Rapid City Council candidate Dallas DeCory, Sr.  DeCory’s campaign has been pretty silent since the Second of April, when the Rapid City Journal had a write up in the newspaper about his entrance into the Ward 4 race:

In Ward 4, Dallas DeCory Sr. will face incumbent Alderman John Roberts in the June 2 municipal election. In Ward 5, Cassi Andrews has challenged incumbent Alderman Brad Estes.

DeCory, 39, an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, said in a press release that he would strive to improve race and human relations if elected to represent Ward 4 residents in north-central Rapid City.


DeCory owns and operates a local roofing company, having worked in the industry for more than 16 years. He said his roofing experience has reinforced his understanding of hard work and personal drive and has sharpened the ethics he will use to produce community unity.

Read that here.

Apparently over the past 16 years, in-between “sharpening the ethics,”  there were some other things that came up that are a little tougher to talk about in a campaign setting.

Bad Candidate

On this report, I’m reading requests for three protection orders for Domestic Abuse (see asterisks **)  – one in 2006, one in 2007, and one in 2009, each from different women, with him filing one against the person who filed it against him in one instance. In case you’re wondering, in those instances, I’ve redacted the names of those involved who aren’t running for anything, although everything noted is public record.  Plus, there was also a protection order filed for stalking, which was later dismissed, as well as a charge of Simple Assault (Domestic violence) which also seems to have been dismissed.

Apparently, this information has been floating out there for a day, as the candidate has already posted a fiery response on his facebook page:


Interestingly, he blames his opponent, who has no connection to the person who had sent the information to me. And, while he notes “protection orders that I filed against my ex girlfriends and some counter protection orders that were filed against me,”  I’m reading it three against him to one from him against a girlfriend.

Is this information that the voters should be forearmed with prior to making their decision?  How do you think this is going to affect the race?

26 thoughts on “Rapid City Council Race controversy; Candidate’s past protection orders coming out, blames opponent.”

  1. I think people can reform themselves, repent of their past bad behavior, committing to change/reform, and thus put themselves out there to be forgiven if other deems forgiveness appropriate.

    I don’t think the response above was “defensive” so much as it was incomplete. He admitted to the public record (didn’t have a choice so that isn’t significant but helpful). What is missing is truly owning it and expressing regret for what he did.

    Further, there is a thread of evidence of resolve in reforming his life but it appears to be done in a cloud of being a victim.

    My point: I think he appears to be on the right track but may not be far enough down it for his past to not only be irrelevant but actually a badge of honor. A person who RISES up deserves respect and honor. A person who appears to still be RISING needs and deserves our help and support.

    1. i interviewed him hes a very nice young man and deserves a chance to serve. we all make mistakes and its this reporters opinion he will be a fine candidate. Reb Rider Rapid Valley SD

    2. If your going to pull 1 man’s records…. let’s pull EVERY candidates record’s! DO IT! Let’s see how thing’s look then. Fair is fair! Give’s everyone (voters) the chance to see who they’re voting for. I want to see every candidates past! Not just one! Give me a fair vote!!!

      1. it’s fun to insinuate that everyone has these kinds of skeletons in their closet, and equivocate everything as a defense tactic. the record shows that in nearly every case, the skeletons do come out when they exist. the other candidates really do have fewer problematic items on their resume. deal with it.

  2. I offered the man a cup of coffee and a chance to explain and got no response.His past issues have only been 4 years ago. That for me is too recent. I have a past but it was 13 years ago that is past. 4 years is not. Also let us address his issue of running roofing business without proper licenseing. I live in ward 4 and am a voter. I did my own research on both candidates.

    1. Heather,
      I have been watching this particular Ward 4 campaign for City Council from the beginning. I had the privilege to get to see your comments on “Dallas Decory Sr for Ward 4” Facebook page. Yes, you may have offered this man a cup of coffee and a chance to explain. However, you did so first by throwing accusations at his face without so much as a please. I wouldn’t want to share a cup of coffee with you either. You demanded to know his business, his past. Who are you to feel so privy to his past? Yes you are a registered voter of Ward 4 and so am I. I do not feel entitled to know anyone’s past, confidential or not. Whether they share it or not or even address is up to them. That is theirs to deal with and hopefully learned from. Let’s hope someone does not bring up your past and throw it in your face whether it’s justified or not.

      As for his business license, you must have nothing better to do than dig into people’s business. A little too nosey if you ask me. He states on his page that he has not been working, roofing included, for quite some time. So I am sure whether or not his paperwork is in order is irrelevant at the moment.

      So the past is the past. Since when does a person get to put a time limit on whether or not someone has changed and learned a lesson from it? You admit that you have a past. But are you willing if you are so righteous now to include what is on your past SD Unified Judicial System report? I doubt it.

      As for your research on both candidates. I am just curious what you have to say about his incumbent John Roberts? Nothing. I also noticed that you are also FB friends with him. So it definitely looks pretty biased when you throw one under the bus and not the other. If you actually did your ‘political’ research, does the rumor hold true that John Roberts has past DUI’s on his record? Or that he is taking bribes? He has two homes, one in Ward 4 and another elsewhere. He walks around with an expensive Rolex watch and drives a nice new truck. ONE can only assume that amount of cash does not come from his real estate business or from the yearly salary of an alderman. But like I said, it’s a rumor and here say. It is only fair to disclose both sides of your findings otherwise it just plain old political mudslinging.

  3. Yep, 4 years doesn’t seem long enough.

    He needs to give it 10-15 years, then try again if he has indeed changed.

    Right now, we can do better.

    1. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”
      I do not believe that people have the right to judge another unless they want to be judged too. We all make mistakes and are given chances to learn from them. Do you really think that a person who is willing to address their own past on social media and a public forum is hiding something? He obviously is trying to do something better with his life. He wants to see a change in our community that is long overdue. Unfortunately, this is a part of becoming involved in politics where people focus on who you were and not who you are. Who are we to say he has or has not changed? If you do not know him personally then all you are doing is cutting him down. What makes us better than him? What if all of our pasts were readily available for people to throw in our face? It’s definitely not a pretty sight when members of the community join in to degrade someone. Especially someone who wants ‘unity’ in this community. Money and infrastructure cannot buy this no matter how much you throw at it.

      1. who can judge? judges and juries. who can judge? me, if i’m ready to truthfully hold myself to the same standard. you should read the rest of the verse and the rest of the chapter. it’s about not being a hypocrite, and shouldn’t be used to equivocate good and bad behaviors.

  4. john roberts isn’t only an incumbent, he’s a strong incumbent, with a stellar record of service. great candidates have a hard time beating an incumbent like that, much less troubling candidates.

  5. Let us look at the facts and not opinions for now. I agree that having protection orders or accusations of domestic violence do not look good on anyone’s record. But if you read thoroughly you will see that some of the cases were eventually dismissed. Never once was he charged or found guilty of these of domestic violence offenses or stalking as there was insufficient evidence. Her word(s) against his but there was no burden of proof.

    He was, however, charged for child support and had creditor debts against him. We do not know his circumstances. Most people who can afford to pay off their debts do so. What if he simply did not have the extra income? Hard to imagine, I know. And if you look at credit shark loan places such as Gentry Finance you would know that the interest rates are outrageous. Any man would have a hard time paying off a 300% loan on time especially if they had financial hardships. But this was not long enough ago for some of you. Four years ago he PAID it off. But does that still means he is still a bad person because he was not financially stable as we all would like to be. (Note the sarcasm).

    Now, with another fact to add to the equation. Where in running for City Council does it state that a background check is required? Do you know all of the past indiscretions of all political candidates or current Aldermen/Mayor/Governor/President??? I am sure we all would like to. But this is not a popularity contest but rather a chance for someone to represent the people. He is one individual out of thousands to put his reputation on line in hopes to serve the people.

    Another sensitive subject that ones do not like to address but I will. The city council is supposed to be compiled of community members who speak for the people yet I do not see any seats being held by any Native Americans. How can a community be united when there is no one in office to represent them? This city has a large Native American population with many concerns that nobody is willing to address: violence, drug abuse, child abuse, homelessness, alcoholism, poverty, etc.

    SO what this all comes down to is someone who knows poverty all too well. He has lived the very struggles that we can only imagine. He must of decided somewhere in between there that he needed to do something. Not only for himself but for the people. It’s hard to fight for people when they are quick to throw you to the wolves. But he is willing to do it anyways. You can either be a helping hand to the community or ignore it like most do. Let’s pray you see the ‘hope’ for a better life that this man obviously does.

    1. “How can a community be united when there is no one in office to represent them? ”

      Your RACIST suggestion is that only NAs can represent NAs. I reject your Jim-Crow divisions. it’s OFFENSIVE.

      There are plenty of NAs in RC without this guy’s legal baggage who can represent ALL citizens.

      1. It’s not a racist comment by any means. This person obviously sees the division of races that have recently been in the community lately. I do not see a white person trying to represent the “Blacks” or an Indian trying to represent all of the “whites.” Yet majority of city council seats held by whites who have no clue or understand Native Americans. I understand that there are Native Americans out there who could also represent the community in the Northside (as that covers most of Ward 4). However, do you see anyone of them willing to stick their necks out for the people? No one stepped to the plate except for this one individual. If you don’t like him then don’t vote for him. But just know, he knew he had a past. He knew that eventually the politics would bring it up. But he never backed down or tried to cover it up. He admits to what is on his judicial report. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do what he did, to do the job. He has my vote as a speaker for the people as he brings real concerns to the forefront.

        1. “Yet majority of city council seats held by whites who have no clue or understand Native Americans”

          You do NOT know that and your suggestion otherwise is in itself racist.

          When you make all these assumptions based on what race a candidate is, you’re intentionally discriminating based on race–that’s racist.

          It’s ugly.

        2. “He has my vote as a speaker for the people as he brings real concerns to the forefront.”

          From what you have written, he has your vote because he’s NA. That’s racist.

          What a SLAP in the face of those women who were forced to take out POs against this guy. Why aren’t you supporting them and their frightening narratives?

          Are you part of a war on women too?

    2. “This city has a large Native American population with many concerns that nobody is willing to address: violence, drug abuse, child abuse, homelessness, alcoholism, poverty, etc.”

      That’s right–being NA is necessarily associated with violence, drug abuse, child abuse, homelessness, alcoholism, poverty. HOW RACIST can you get?

      Nobody cares? Really? Do you think the current RC council prefers to have violence, drug abuse, child abuse, homelessness, alcoholism, poverty, etc. burdening the community?

      Are you for REAL?

      1. Firstly, you cannot call someone racist when you don’t even know their race as they chose to post it anonymously. Nor did they say it was and ‘Indian only’ occurrence. I, however, am Native American and I can see past all of the garbage and understand what is being said. As an educated and well-rounded individual I see that my people are suffering. We all are suffering. These problems are real problems and occur within our community. It does not discriminate as it knows no race, no color, no creed. So we can either be part of the solution or we are part of the problem.

        You think our city council, people we elected to represent us, are doing right by the people? As of right now, I do not hear any one of these issues being addressed at the city council meetings. We recently lost a member of the community, a homeless man, and nobody is concerned about people dying because of no where to go when it’s freezing cold. But yet we can sit in these meetings and discuss streets, gutters and of all things bees. Don’t get me wrong, bees are important to our livelihood but not if we cannot even save ourselves. What about the people???

        People want to focus on what is wrong especially in politics. Everyone wants to discuss who did what wrong. Instead, let’s focus on building a future together. Look at what are the real underlying problems are in the community and ways to resolve them. Therefore, look to those people who aren’t afraid to address the real issues and problems with Rapid City. Let go of the ones who do nothing but sit in a seat.

        1. “Firstly, you cannot call someone racist when you don’t even know their race as they chose to post it anonymously”

          It does not matter what the race of the author is–it’s the words that matter, correct?

          Or are you claiming that only whitey can be racist?

        2. “and nobody is concerned about people dying ”

          Really? People die needlessly in RC and you’re telling me that nobody cared? REALLY?

          Or are you telling us that nobody cared like you thought they should care?

          Since you apparently care so much, why didn’t you go out and house the homeless during cold spells? Or is your vote enough caring for you?

        3. ” We recently lost a member of the community, a homeless man, and nobody is concerned about people dying because of no where to go when it’s freezing cold”

          You’re simply wrong.

          This poor man had been staying at Cornerstone. There are 110 beds at Cornerstone. And Cornerstone is just ONE OPTION for the homeless in RC.

          Cornerstone cared and still does. How DARE you claim that nobody cares.

          How many hours have you volunteered at Cornerstone?

  6. “He has lived the very struggles that we can only imagine”

    The struggle to be served or respnd to a protection order, or to be taken to court for child support , are not struggles to admired.

    There are plenty of poor or struggling people who have not behaved as he has.

    Please do not libel their triumphs with this guy’s failures.

    1. it would be interesting to see an 11th at-large seat be added to the city council in rapid city. it could be a candidate nominated by, and voted on, by enrolled tribal members living in the city’s five wards. that would add a needed voice to the top governing group. i wonder what the legal blocks to something like that would be.

      1. it’s about power sharing and if it sounds like affirmative action, i say why not explore it?

  7. From my reading on this blog and a few other sites/pages. I noticed that
    when one says they have a business for the last few years, they are working.
    One can say ive had a business but have not worked in the past few years.
    I would enjoy a cup of coffee with the two candidates of ward 4. Just to know them and to know what and where they stand on the various issues we have.

  8. Tina, or should I say Eltina,

    The reality is that your now husband decided to run for the City Council, which is a publicly elected position. As a result, the public at large has a right to scrutinize his behavior. If you or him were expecting privacy, you have most certainly gotten yourselves involved in the wrong line of work to be sure.

    In addition, comparing a D.U.I. to Domestic Violence, Simple Assault, and the seven times he has failed to appear before a court is like a comparison between assault and first-degree murder. And frankly, had Mr. DeCory been accused once of Domestic Violence that would be one thing, but he has been accused repeatedly and all by different women. There is a pattern of behavior here that must be considered.

    Lastly, while DeCory is now asking to help manage a $120 + Million dollar municipal budget, it is relevant that he has over $10,000 in outstanding debt and can’t manage his own personal finances. How can the public expect him to make sound financial decisions when faced with millions to manage, when he can’t even manage a few thousand?

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