Rapid City Journal profiles freshman Republican Legislator Lynne DiSanto

Freshman Republican Legislator Lynne DiSanto is profiled in today’s Rapid City Journal. Here’s an excerpt:

DiSanto said her greatest surprise and a “profound honor” occurred early in the session when she was one of two women asked to speak on a measure urging the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider its decision in Roe vs. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling upholding a woman’s right to abortion.

“It was a powerful moment for me to be standing in the House speaking on an issue that I feel so passionate about,” DiSanto said. “You really feel in that moment that you have been called to this place. When I sat down I said to myself, `Thank you so much, God, for allowing me to be here and talk about this issue because it really is such a blessing.’”

While grappling with the challenges facing South Dakota — from funding for maintenance and repair of an aging infrastructure, improved education and low teacher pay, and student privacy in a digital world — DiSanto said she had been most impressed with the camaraderie and collegiality of her fellow legislators.

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15 thoughts on “Rapid City Journal profiles freshman Republican Legislator Lynne DiSanto”

    1. My goodness, somebody doesn’t like her !! I met her recently, seemed like a very level headed lady.

    2. And do you have anything to back this up? I know nothing about her, but a blanket statement such as yours without anything to support it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

  1. I’ve watched her voting record. I’m very impressed ! Not the limp-wristed go along to get along party-line type.

  2. Lyme is a thoughtful legislator. We don’t always agree, but I can always understand her perspective. She is serious about her duties

  3. I should have grabbed her arm at the State of the State speech and told her, “Representative do you have any idea how much trouble you will get into if you listen to your seasoned seat mates advice your first year in the Legislature?”

    But I didn’t! (Big SMiley Face Here)

  4. Lynne and I first communicated with each other in more debate than banter . . me “calling her” on a few issues over a few emails. However she was quick to answer and quick to defend her opinions as well as having very thoughtful responses . .Thoughtful as in well thought-out and backed by firm ideological resolution, along with depth of understanding of the issues she stood on. However since then she and I have engaged in many a pleasant conversation and emails, and though we may not always agree on every issue, I believe she has a grasp on what is required of her by principle and common sense. I strongly believe she carries from a Rapid a commitment to those she represents and leads with the illumination of her beliefs.

    1. Did anyone actually say this or imply this? Perhaps someone reads too much into something or is simply not able to understand words of others well. Not that I don’t agree with you however didn’t see any such comment here.

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