Release: College CRT Ban Becoming Law

College CRT Ban Becoming Law

PIERRE, S.D. – On Friday, July 1, HB 1012, which protects college students and faculty from mandatory Critical Race Theory trainings and orientations, takes effect.

“College should be a place where freedom of thought and expression are encouraged – not stifled by indoctrination and political agendas,” said Governor Kristi Noem. “Critical Race Theory should not be forced on our students, and this legislation will prevent that from happening.”

Since signing the bill, Governor Noem also signed Executive Order 2022-02, which restricts Critical Race Theory at the K-12 level.


16 thoughts on “Release: College CRT Ban Becoming Law”

  1. Does the Governor think anyone in SD is dumb enough to honestly believe any of the BS? “Freedom of thought and expression are encouraged” by banning something. Treat it like Communism/Marxism, Fascism, etc. by describing what it is, point out how it doesn’t work, and move on to the next topic. Absolute waste of time for a cheap PR stunt.

  2. If you don’t think college students are being bombarded by leftist teacher, then you are part of the problem the governor is trying to fix.

    1. The governor is trying to fix it by limiting speech…I thought this was the party of free speech… I just graduated from a college you probably think is from the pit of communist hell, but I came out alright. I still am conservative; however, I value to exchange of ideas, including being critical of history.

      1. The speech of educators and institutions with power over you is not supposed to be “free” in the way that the speech of an individual in the town square is.

        What about the free speech and freedom of conscience rights of employees and students? That’s what the law is meant and needed to protect. Leftist social justice stuff, CRT, etc., are essentially all iterations of a twisted political religion. People shouldn’t have that forced on them.

        The law doesn’t ban discussion of topics. It essentially bans compelled speech and active indoctrination.

        It’s a good law.

    2. If the college student Is dumb enough to buy into this crap, that’s a failure of their parents for not teaching them how to think or use common sense. Either way, it’s not the role of the government to limit the teaching of ideas it doesn’t like. You create a less we’ll-rounded populace.

  3. It still amazes me you Republikans fell in line with this silly claim that your precious Susie and Johnny were being indoctrinated. This stupid law will make no difference because nothing it supposedly abolishes was really happening. No matter what your idols on FoxNews tell you.

    1. 100% wrong. Several universities in the state — USD, SDSU, NSU, Mines — have absolutely been peddling crackpot leftist garbage to students and employees in various neo-Marxist “training” programs. In some cases it was required. Plus the universities were planning to run whole hog with this stuff. It’s all in publicly available university documents. The only thing that is stopping it is the BOR and action at the state level.

      YOU, my friend, have no idea what you are talking about — or are just lying to gaslight and protect whatever little leftist fiefdom it is you are trying to protect.

      1. I’m sure you have recordings of lectures or links to those “university documents” that will back up your claim.

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