New conservative caucus forming after no one paid attention to the last one.

A news article is out tonight talking about a new conservative caucus that is being formed, as noted in the Rapid City Journal, because once again there are those who think they are more Republican than others:

A contingent of South Dakota Republican lawmakers on Wednesday formally announced they were forming a group billed the “South Dakota Freedom Caucus” as they try to drive politics further to the right in a Statehouse where the GOP holds every statewide office and 90% of the Legislature.


Republican Rep. Tony Randolph, who is the Freedom Caucus vice-chair, declined to say how many lawmakers are part of the group outside its three officers. He said they were looking to recruit members, but insisted they were not splitting from the Republican caucus.

Read it here.

I did find it amusing that they’re quoting Tony Randolph, who two years ago was openly supporting the non-republican in a general election. Because we need GOP traitors Tony Randolph & Tina Mulally to tell us who is more republican than anybody else.

Anyway, getting back to the whole “new conservative caucus” sham. Where have I heard all this before? I think it was way back… when they did the same thing 2 elections ago:

You can read about 2018’s breakaway caucus here.

Seriously. These guys have got to get a new act. Because the breakaway caucus schtick was lame in 2018, and it’s no less lame when they develop amnesia about forming it, and declare they’re starting a new one.

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  1. the kookaberries run to the right. what they dont understand is that after they run far to the right, a new group will spring up, contending they are THE TRUE right of the far right. And what will happen after that? the the TRUE RIGHT OF THE TRUE Right of the far right will be eclipsed by the Mega Right of the Right of the Far Right.

    so, what is left after that?

    my money is on the right of the right of the well right of the far right. Who, if we question them, can at least tell us who is to the right of them?

    check back in ten years when we have completely destroyed elections and the GOP in SD.

    1. My advice is to let them be them. They are unproductive and mostly seeking attention.

      Noem declared war on them and failed quite shockingly.

      SD needs someone to be a unifier.

    2. At the end you are left with the Original Overgodder, Mr. Howie, and none can measure up.

    1. Liz May showed up at the platform meeting wanting us to have a plank supporting COOL.
      It’s a government mandate, which one cattlewoman told me is only enforceable with RFID chips in every head of cattle. “Government mandates are never cheap,” she told me. But Liz May, who professes to abhor government mandates, wants this one.

      This same crowd wants a government mandate forbidding businesses from requiring anything medical, like masks, gloves, or adherence to treatment regimens like medication for tuberculosis or being vaccinated against disease.

      The hypocrisy of this bunch is off the charts.

      1. The word needs to go out that opposition to “medical mandates” means that truly conservative women would never, ever, demand that their partners wear condoms.

        If she wants you to wear a condom, she’s a RINO.

  2. These people got a little taste of power over the weekend at the convention. They hang around with people who think and act just like them and make the assumption that all South Dakotans are just like them. No doubt, South Dakota is a Republican state, but most people can’t and don’t relate to these wackadoos who think they and only they are right about everything. In a state where Kristi Noem is Governor, they don’t think she’s conservative enough. Wow. Just wow.

  3. Why are they demanding something that the Governor has already said is going to happen?

    Can there be a better sign that these clowns are all about attention and credit, not responsible government?

    Isn’t that the real reason they can’t support a real conservative like Kristi Noem? Because they really just want the credit?

    I hope the RINO Freedom Caucus has the guts to publish their membership list. If they really mean what they say they will quit the Republican caucus. But they’re probably scared to do it.

  4. Hey this is America where freedom rides hard and just about anything goes so whatever any so called caucus wants to do is fine with me. The results of doing so though must be explained.

    The outcome of promoting a score card only a few pick the qualifying correct answers to and then vote on for a high score is a bogus way of self promotion and laughable at best. The other much larger problem is that by having a private caucus within the South Dakota Republican Party in both Houses adhering to the private caucus rules disenfranchises constituents while holding allegiance to a hidden group caucus.

    Someone told me during session there were three caucuses going on. One up on fourth floor somewhere, one in the basement somewhere and the one we Republicans were all elected to attend; The SD GOP House Caucus. Debate on the floor is where opinions are changed by great orators of which we had a few. The nuts and bolts are taken apart and put back together again on legislation in committee hearings. The SD GOP House caucus is where folks can let out hard internal opinions on any matter without the media present.
    I think every new legislator needs to decide now if you want to vote for a subcommittee caucus or for your constituents when you go to Pierre in January.

      1. The pendulum always swing. Start banning their stuff, yours will get banned when they get the chance.

    1. Nice try.

      Noem and others are trying to keep neo-communist ideology out of the school system. Normal people understand that’s a good cause. Calling it “banning” and “book burning” and so forth isn’t going to work with them.

  5. We all know the membership list. Look who voted no on the impeachment. That’s the membership.

  6. I’m getting sick of hearing “liberal” being used as an insult. I hate to break it to you all, but your way of thinking isn’t the only “right” way of thinking. It is okay to have other people think differently than you.

    1. Liberal is a dirty political word, Democrats abandoned it in 80s and became “progressives”

  7. Pat an argument could be made that this splitoff caucus really is a RINO Caucus. They are are not Republicans. Kookaberries? Rabbit Hole Dwellers though I feel bad for the poor Prairie Dogs that run tinto them.

    1. They are Tea Party members, it is time we refuse to call them Republicans.

  8. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened had a similar bunch pulled this when Bill Janklow was Governor. He’d have plowed under each of their districts and made sure the voters there knew whose fault it was. Maybe time old school “reward your friends and punish your enemies” came back to SD politics.

  9. They can’t just be among a large group of Republicans, because they don’t have the skills or intellect or persuasive abilities to work with others, to convincingly argue their points, nor recognize the value of incrementally accomplishing their goals.

    So many of them want to be leaders but lack leadership qualities, so they start their own group to lead, until another in the group wants to be a leader and starts their own group. Then they’re just little islands of misfits but they feel good about themselves on that island. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    1. Mr. Pischke, the swarthy mad dad who is also a deadbeat, will indeed be one of the underlings in this new RINO caucus.

      1. Pischke was one of the RINOs who voted against the resolutions about supporting the party ticket and thanking the chairman.

  10. There is nothing wrong with forming alliances within the “republican party” that is what we need to do if there are a group of us who wish to work together in the future to repeal amendments 12, 13, 14, 16, and 17 to restore the “republic”. The Republican Party just as with the Democrat Party is heavily watered down in left vs right politics. Whereas you have the neo-con party members on the left, you have the RINO’s, you have both conservative and liberal or progressive Republicans. Just as you saw occur between 2010 and 2014 with the birth of the Tea Party Movement, instead of forming a political party, they triggered a movement to usher in “true” conservative, constitutional, right wing members within the Republican Party. I do not know much of what the Freedom Caucus Group wishes to do. I mean, “Freedom” could be both those on the left, and those on the right per-say. But there are some like myself who wish to steer the “party” back to ideals of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Mason type mentality – there are those like myself who wish to establish the “Anti-Federalist” movement in order to promote Strong State Governments whereas the People and their Legislature’s control the governing process, whereas we have a weak, but fiscally controlled Federal Government. I am an old fashioned “Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry” disciple, elected to help promote the Republican Party within my Precinct. I have been a registered Republican now since 2000. I spent the first part my life more interested in Racing, Sports, and Women, but today, I have put more emphasis on helping to “Restore the Republic”. The movement that placed Trump in the White House began in 2010.

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