Robot bee lady claims that @MegynKelly is proven to be a GOP Shill because she told Annette Bosworth she lost

Every once in a while, I have to look at stuff I know to be absolutely off the wall nutty.  It’s probably a lot like people driving by a car accident or storm damage, where you want just enough information to go “wow, that’s really bad.”

Well, I did it again. I got my fix of looking at “storm damage bad” in a political sense by going to former Secretary of State Candidate Lori Stacey’s web site.  You remember Lori. She’s the one who thinks that there’s a plot to kill off bees, so they can be replaced by government controlled robot bees.  And today, she’s taking on Megyn Kelly.

People should not be shocked about the outrageous questions posed by Fox News moderators at Thursday night’s prime time debate. The event was more like an evening of multiple-candidate gotcha interviews in prime time rather than a formal presidential debate.

With the enormous backlash brewing against Megyn Kelly which largely stems from her attacks on Donald Trump, some might almost start to feel sorry for her. Well, not so fast. It turns out that this is certainly not the first time Megyn Kelly has sucker-punched a candidate for the Republican establishment.

Back during the 2014 Republican primary in South Dakota, Megyn Kelly played dirty tricks on a US Senate candidate that embarrassed the establishment by miraculously raising more money than the obvious GOP establishment’s pick in the primary.

Read the car accident article here.

Um, what?  Somehow Megyn Kelly played a dirty trick on Annette Bosworth by informing her that she lost? As if all those polls, pundits, and practically everyone else in South Dakota not supporting her weren’t an initial clue?

And according to robot bee lady Lori Stacey, taken alongside the questioning of Donald Trump over some fairly misogynist comments he’s made, it’s somehow proof that she’s in the bag for ‘establishment Republicans?’

There’s a reason why Lori Stacey’s thought processes are “car accident bad.” They lack a basis in credibility.

No one is persecuting Annette Bosworth. It’s all been self-inflicted, as there are consequences for her actions. Same with Donald Trump. When you say inflammatory things, there’s a good chance that you might get burned by them.

And I don’t think either one of them can conjure up an alleged sympathy for the Republican establishment on Megyn Kelly’s part to blame.

They managed to do it all by themselves.