Rounds Applauds Passage of his Native American Education Amendment


Rounds Applauds Passage of his Native American Education Amendment

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) today applauded the passage of an amendment he offered with U.S. Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) to improve education of Native American students. The amendment to the Every Child Achieves Act, which is currently being debated on the Senate floor, addresses low graduation rates at tribal schools and seeks to improve the quality of education in Indian Country, especially in rural and high poverty areas.

“The fact that there are tribal schools in this country with graduation rates below 40 percent is unacceptable,” said Rounds. “A strong education system in Indian Country is crucial for Native American students. Our amendment lays a foundation to fix the systemic education problems facing students in Indian Country, not only in South Dakota but throughout the nation.  I am pleased that it received broad bipartisan support in the Senate.”

Rounds’ amendment to the Every Child Achieves Act directs the Department of the Interior and the Department of Education to conduct a study in rural and poverty areas of Indian Country to:

  • Identify federal barriers that restrict tribes from implementing common-sense regional policies instead of one-size fits all policies directed from Washington;
  • Identify recruitment and retention options for teachers and school administrators;
  • Identify the limitations in funding sources and flexibility for such schools; and
  • Provide strategies on how to increase high school graduation rates.


4 thoughts on “Rounds Applauds Passage of his Native American Education Amendment”

  1. As usual, Rounds leaves out the most important portion–what is the price-tag?

    1. I actually listened to the clip. The review itself will not cost anything.

  2. I don’t think pouring more money in is the answer. I have a friend who teaches in an Indian boarding school, and the students there for the most part have no incentive because they know they can go back to the reservation or in many cases even their homes off the reservation, and they will get free or subsidized health care, housing, food stamps, etc, so why do they feel the need to exert themselves to get an education. The root cause is the fact that the govt has made them dependent and destroyed their pride in themselves. That is where the problem lies, and not in lack of money. Get rid of the reservations and separate nation philosophy, make them citizens with the rights and responsibilities of the rest of the USA, and I think things would improve.

    And BTW, this is exactly where more and more people in the US are heading, with Obama’s and the progressives’ blessing – to be dependent on the govt. And it isn’t good for the people or the country.

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