Senate defeats ‘election integrity’ and Pillow Guy symposium measures designed to disenfranchise voters.

Remember when Julie-Frye Mueller went to the Pillow-Guy Symposium to bring things to Pierre this session?  Thankfully, the Senate put those notions down hard.

The State Senate took Frye-Mueller’s trio of election extremist measures out behind the woodshed today and put them down hard in a series of 9-0 votes, as noted on KELOland:

“This is about harassing local officials,” Republican Sen. Lee Schoenbeck said after bringing a motion to defeat SB-124. “In this case, you have a group of a half a dozen people that clearly have some kind of an obsession or fetish.”

Schoenbeck, the Senate President Pro Tempore, aimed his comments at Rick Weible, Jessica Pollema and others who call themselves the South Dakota Canvassing Group. The group played a role in Tripp County decision to hand count ballots for the 2022 election.

“This would give them the ability to take their little hobby, their obsession and fetish and give papers to these county auditors all across South Dakota,” Schoenbeck said. “Instead of working on South Dakota, local issues that the auditors are elected to do, they would be stuck trying to help these people with their fetish.”

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These bills would have attacked provisions protecting sex-trafficking victims, as well as people who choose to call South Dakota home. Thankfully, the madness on these measures was put down for another year.

2 thoughts on “Senate defeats ‘election integrity’ and Pillow Guy symposium measures designed to disenfranchise voters.”

  1. I recall Weibel showing up at a Brookings County GOP meeting and explaining all the things he thought were wrong with the way Brookings was doing elections and finally Stephane Miller had heard enough and said she thought the local elections officials and volunteers had done a very good job and deserved everybody’s gratitude.


  2. JFM has finally sniffed too much paint at the family’s shop! It is embarrassing to say I live in District 30! It’s time for her to go, unfortunately we have to endure one more year of this idiocy.

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