Julie Frye Mueller claims “election fraud” is real, and she’s exchanging “ideas for bills” with other attendees of Pillow Guy Symposium.

One of South Dakota’s worst legislators is apparently doing everything she can do to ferret out new crazy things to bring to Pierre next year.  As you can read in State Senator Julie Frye Mueller’s latest column in the Rapid City Journal:

August was extremely busy as well. Sidney Powell came August 5 to speak at a SD Citizens For Liberty meeting on the Arizona voter fraud. She did an excellent job and discussed what her team was dealing with regarding the process they were going through. The courts have refused to hear the evidence, so reports of no election fraud are not factual. I was blessed to be able to spend four days on and off with her and her team. We have stayed in communication with each other and I feel fortunate for that connection.

On August 9, my husband and I took off for Sioux Falls for the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium. The event venue was well-suited for what was going on there. Eventually legislators from all 50 states showed up and a large group of us went into a private room to discuss what we can do to help. We had our first Zoom meeting last Tuesday and will be continuing every two weeks. Another great part of this is we are connecting to help share ideas for bills that will help “We the People”.

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Jesus wept.   Are we actually reading this?  First Frye-Mueller claims through some connection with Sidney Powell that “reports of no election fraud are not factual.” Despite Powell arguing through her attorneys in court filings that “no reasonable people would believe her election fraud claims.”

Even worse, the legislator who said parents accepting a school handbook might inadvertently be giving permission to give transgender surgery to your children wants to share ideas for bills with other people who went to the looney MyPillow Cyber Symposium. The 3-day conference which most elected officials across the nation avoided like the plague because predictably, it fell flat on it’s face and became a national circus of mockery.

Lindell, who is a diehard Trump fan and prominent voter fraud conspiracy theorist, launched the pseudo-conference with the hopes of definitively proving that the Don was robbed of the presidency last November by a band of Deep State goons and Chinese hackers.


Unfortunately for Lindell, the man he hired to assess that data has now admitted that it can’t possibly show what he says it does.

Read that here.

I might be showing my age, and opening up myself for razzing from my daughter who claims I’m old, but I remember a time when our Senators and Representatives came to the legislature every year to solve problems of the people who elected them to office.

Not to support people on the Internet spouting nutty conspiracy theories reinforced by reading too much facebook.

Ah, the good old days.

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  1. The big lie that Trump and his grifters are pushing to undermine democracy and to pad their PAC bank accounts. Please, keep helping out their cause. As people vacate Trump’s properties, his PAC needs to pick up the tab to keep him afloat. Own it Republicans, you created this monster.

    1. As opposed to the Democrats (Marxists) owning Joe Biden and the worst, most anti-American President ever? President Trump actually cared about the country unlike the senile, corrupt old man, Joe Biden and his twit wife.

      1. Trump cared so much, he bankrupted more farmers in 3 years than the prior 10 years combined. His fascist failed trade wars and tax breaks expanded the wealth gap and were shouldered by the middle class and low income owners while corporate profits hit records and the rich got richer. He insulted our allies and drooled over our enemies. He negotiated with terrorists and released their prisoners while inviting them to our country and legitimizing their terror networks. He cared so much he golfed 3 times a week and when disaster struck, he blamed the states for not being prepared. I can’t wait for my local property taxes and sales taxes to go up to fund infrastructure because our federal government has to cut spending because the rich need a break. It will all trickle down to us eventually, right? Been waiting 60 years for that trickle down. Any day now. Any day.

      2. You forgot that TRUMP is the most anti American president ever. Biden is fulfilling some of Trump’s promises that have as too incompetent to fulfill.
        Get out of Afghanistan
        Get tough on Putin
        Get tough on China.

        1. Where are you getting your information! I can not believe your thinking after you have seen everything the Biden regime has done to this country in such a short time!

      1. How was Mike Lindell so full of it? I’m serious, you need to stop with your bs crap and start fighting for America!

        1. One of his own experts said Lindell had no packet captures and they couldn’t prove anything. Ok, now you go!

    1. Well, maybe if Krist is president working undercover for Trump. He could offer a free pillow for people to vote for him. That would already be more than any other governor has given the people of South Dakota. However, I just realized free pillows are probably socialism, we better not take them, maybe just tax us to pay for the pillows, then give it to us.

  2. Everyone who advertises on this site is responsible for funding attacks on fellow republicans in SD. Take a look at those advertisers who stand behind these petty attacks. You should all be ashamed.

    1. If you can’t criticize a Republican in SD, who are you going to criticize? This idea that our elected officials can’t be criticized by Republicans because they are all Republicans might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Anyone pushing the election lie needs to be called out for it. This Republican is ready to expel that stupidity from our party.

  3. I don’t know why the Republicans in D- 30 continue to vote for someone who has accomplished nothing of substance for the district or the state and continues to offer up such redocules legislation

    1. I’d consider blaming chronic low voter turnouts if I had to pick a quick answer. I’m in District 32 and sort of like my elected folk.

    2. You are spot on Mike. District 30 had an incredible candidate for SD Senate this past election cycle. However, COVID hampered his ability to truly get out and show the voters how he cared and how genuine he was. In addition, without a series of election forums, voters just looked at who was the incumbent, held their nose, and voted. District 30 Republicans who voted for JFM should be ashamed and own up to their mistake. It is time for these folks to grow a pair and vote for a candidate that can at least bring some legitimate legislation that his helpful to all of District 30 and SD voters and not be such a numbskull, wackadoodle.

  4. The only reason I read this article was bc I was looking up how I could get ahold of Jodi Frye Mueller. She was just elected in 2020, and has done more for SD than Thune, Rounds and Johnson put together!!! This piece of crap biased so called journalist decides to use this pos rag
    to spew hate about with no facts to back them up!! What kind of Chief editor would allow this kind of anti-American journalism! BEYOND DISGUSTING!

      1. Not sure how to respond when she can’t even remember the name of the legislator she’s trying to claim “has done more for SD than Thune, Rounds and Johnson put together.”

        Someone is clearly a low information voter.

  5. I like Mike but wish he would have focused on Minnesota Governor’s race …now I am not sure he would have a chance at that.

  6. Julie Frye Mueller is one of the few in our legislature who is a true Conservative Republican Patriot! There are way too many RINOS who follow the Democrat Platform instead of the GOP. If all our so-called Republican legislators followed the Republican Platform, South Dakota would be much better! Perhaps the reason JFM was absent was due to her father’s illness and death!
    It really is a shame that those who supposedly represent us in both the SD and USA Congress were too damn lazy and hard headed to go to the Mike Lyndell Symposium in Sioux Falls or to come listen to Sidney Powell when she spoke in Rapid City. Yes, there was fraud programmed into the machines, ballots run numerous times, dead people casting ballots, etc. The 2020 “election” was a coup! Even JB said he had the best fraud team ever!
    I also must say our country was much better off with Trump in the White House. Trump did not leave military weapons, vehicles, ammo or US citizens to be raped and murdered by the Taliban! Nope, that was JB following the instructions of BHO. Don’t believe it, look at the facts. Those atrocities did happen during the Obama and Biden administrations. The cost of fuel, food and many services increased since Pedo Joe was “sworn in”. The China virus is being tested with swabs made in China! Sure we can trust them, just like we can trust the toys our kids play with that are painted with Lead paint! Joe was paid off by the Communist Chinese Party. He is so demented that he doesn’t even know what he reads off the monitor!
    I would much rather pay a higher price for food and merchandise made in the USA by legal American citizens. All our meat should be raised and processed in the USA, preferably in South Dakota.
    It would also be nice in the GOP Chair actually was a Republican instead of a Democrat from iOWA. He managed to pull the wool over the unsuspecting “elite RINOS” in South Dakota.
    Yes, we need more Patriotic Conservative Christians in our government positions like Julie Frye Mueller, Tina Mulolly, Taffy Howard, etc. We need less of those who support Howdy Doody Johnson (whose puppeteer is Nancy Pelosi), Thune and Rounds who are corrupt to the core!

    1. The only dead people caught casting ballots in 2020 were spouses of the deceased voting for Trump. You can go ahead and look that up. In 2016, the worst voter fraud was pulled off by a NC Republican candidate who was caught red-handed harvesting ballots and he was still allowed to stay on the ballot. Can you explain to me why most of the evidence around actual voter fraud has implicated Republicans?

    2. Mike Lindell’s team said he never produced packet captures, that the ones he showed on screen were literally just nonsense made to look like packet captures, and his assertions were completely unprovable. Further, he claimed, without evidence, that he couldn’t produce them because of “Antifa Infiltrators.”

      What would it take for you to say, “Maybe this Lindell guy isn’t that trustworthy?”

    3. Someone needs to call the home. Granny sounds like she’s off her meds and getting ready to wander into traffic wearing her floral housecoat.

  7. I think there is likely voter irregularities in states which do not have the controls we have in SD.

    We check signature for absentee ballots. We don’t just send ballots in the mail.

    We have voter ID before voting.

    We purge out registration rolls which prevents dead people from voting.

    We have paper ballots.

    Julie is bat s**t crazy, she is so dumb she can’t recognize we don’t have the weaknesses where it is likely bad shi*t happened but dumb butts deserve representation in the legislature and they got shiney turd doing their business.

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